Gong therapy

When you are battling a substance or behavioural dependency, the idea of using sound to help may seem like a new-age, “hippie” idea that won’t make any real difference. However, gong therapy has been proven to provide tranquillity amidst the mental noise that addiction can cause, lighting a pathway to peace and concentration. At Oasis Runcorn, we incorporate gong therapy into our comprehensive rehab treatment programmes, instilling a new sense of peace and clarity in our clients and helping them to stay focused on their healing journey.

What is gong therapy

Gong therapy is a type of sound meditation that uses the vibrations from a gong to help calm and heal your mind and body. It comes from ancient traditions used by many cultures over thousands of years to treat various problems and improve overall health. The idea is that your body begins to match the sounds and vibrations made by the gong, which helps you enter a state of flow. This flow state can encourage relaxation, creativity, focus and overall healing – all of which are important for overcoming addiction.

Even though gong therapy comes from ancient practices, modern science has shown that sound therapy can be effective in treating many conditions, including substance and behavioural dependencies. For example, a study on Tibetan singing bowls, another common tool used in meditation and therapy, showed that they significantly helped to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, depression and anger. These feelings can both cause and worsen addiction, so managing them is a key part of treatment.

Some people say gong therapy feels like a massage without physical touch. It doesn’t just stimulate your sense of hearing; it affects your whole body. During gong therapy, you only need to lie back and relax while the therapist plays the gong, creating soothing sound waves. You have to sit back and let the waves wash over you, making it a deeply relaxing experience.

What happens during gong therapy in rehab?

Gong therapy sessions, usually held at the end of the week, provide a great way for our clients to relax and unwind after a challenging week of rehab therapy and workshops. Each gong therapy session lasts about an hour and is led by our expert gong therapist, who uses different gongs to make a variety of sounds and tones.

During a gong therapy session, you will usually lie down and get cosy while the therapist starts to play the gong, filling the room with a mix of sounds and vibrations. As the session continues, the therapist might ask you to change positions to ensure you are as comfortable and relaxed as possible. In fact, many of our clients even end up falling asleep because they are so relaxed. Difficulty sleeping is a common symptom of addiction and withdrawal, which can be a hugely restorative process.

The benefits of gong therapy for addiction recovery

Apart from helping to reduce stress and bring calm, gong therapy has many other benefits for those recovering from addiction:

Reducing depression and anxiety…

Gong therapy gives you a chance to just slow down and relax. It creates a safe space where you can face the thoughts and feelings that drive your substance use and harmful behaviours. This can help decrease negative emotions like anxiety, depression and anger, making you less likely to turn to substances or other addictive behaviours to cope.

Improving sleep…

Good sleep is really important when you are in recovery, as it can help your body heal, improve your mental and emotional health and give you the energy you need for rehab. Sleep is often affected by the stress and anxiety associated with recovery, but gong therapy can help you sleep better both during the therapy itself and more generally.

Physical, mental and emotional balance…

When you first start treatment, you are likely to feel uncomfortable, tired or out of balance. This is because addiction changes the way your brain works, causing a chemical imbalance that affects the way you feel. However, gong therapy can help balance your body again with its healing properties. After a few sessions, many people say they feel more in tune and energised, which helps them focus on their treatment.

Restoring physical health…

Gong therapy doesn’t just help your mind; it can also help restore your physical health, relax tight or tense muscles and leave you feeling physically refreshed and relaxed.

Helping you stay in the moment…

People with addiction often get stuck thinking about the past or worrying about the future. They can get so caught up in these regrets or worries that they aren’t fully present during treatment or when faced with cravings or triggers during aftercare and beyond. Gong therapy helps you to be mindful and live in the present moment, which can help you better manage your thoughts and feelings to avoid relapsing.

Begin gong therapy at Oasis Runcorn

Gong therapy at Oasis Runcorn can offer huge benefits for your recovery journey. If you have any therapy questions or are ready to get started, contact Oasis Runcorn today. Your path to sobriety and a happier, healthier life starts here.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be religious or spiritual for gong therapy?
No, you don’t have to have any religious or spiritual beliefs to get something out of gong therapy. No matter what you do or don’t believe, the sound of the gong can help you relax and focus on the here and now. All you need is to be open to the experience, trust your therapist and allow yourself to benefit from the sessions.
What should I bring to a gong therapy session?
At Oasis Runcorn, we have everything you need for gong therapy. We suggest you wear comfy clothes that let you move easily and take off anything that might distract you, like noisy jewellery. This will help you lose yourself in the moment and reap the most benefits.
Is gong therapy safe?
Yes, gong therapy is completely safe. The only people with issues are those with electronic implants or pacemakers because the magnetism of the gong could interfere with how they work. But for everyone else, gong therapy is okay for people of all ages and abilities.
How much does gong therapy cost?
Gong therapy is part of your comprehensive rehab programme at Oasis Runcorn, so there is no additional cost.