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12 Step Approach at Oasis Runcorn

Breaking free from addiction requires more than willpower; it needs a structured approach like the 12-step programme, embraced by millions for its effectiveness. Oasis Runcorn includes the 12-step programme in our rehabilitation plan, offering a step-by-step process for lasting transformation. The steps guide you through acceptance, hope, surrender, self-reflection, making amends, and helping others. This method promotes personal growth, accountability, and community support. Alongside other therapies like DBT, family therapy, and mindfulness, the 12-step programme at Oasis Runcorn provides a comprehensive path to recovery. Contact us today to start your journey to wellness.

Trust your loved ones with us – we will change their lives.

Why Choose Oasis Rehab Clinic?

Oasis Communities Runcorn is unique, in that our focus on our clients’ welfare goes beyond inpatient treatment. We look to re-inspire those that have lost all hope due to their addiction. We provide a standard of excellence and dedication that assists the individual throughout the entire recovery process and back into community living.


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Oasis Runcorn helps people recover from their addictions and get on with their life, as it should be.

Trust your loved ones with us – we will change their lives.
Our promise to you

We promise you that through our shared devotion, we can take addiction out of your life for good. Our services include assessment, possible sober transport assistance, 24/7 care by a certified team of professionals, and continuous aftercare sessions.

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