About Oasis Runcorn

Embark on a profound transformation towards recovery with Oasis Runcorn, an esteemed addiction treatment centre located within Cheshire. We understand the impact of addiction on every facet of a person’s life. Our approach at Oasis Runcorn is meticulously designed to address the physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions, providing a holistic journey towards healing.

Oasis Runcorn Facilities - Outdoor area

What is special about Oasis Runcorn?

Oasis Runcorn stands out by providing two distinct treatment programmes, offering clients the flexibility to choose the one that best suits their needs. Within our therapeutic environment, we offer both a 12-step programme and the Oasis Strengths programme.

Our comprehensive treatment at Oasis Runcorn includes primary and secondary phases, encompassing community engagement, process groups, therapeutic activities, one-on-one counselling, house meetings, workshops, group sessions, and educational worksheets. We are committed to assisting clients with literacy challenges by offering them dedicated help and support throughout their journey.

From combating prescription drug dependencies and alcoholism to addressing the complexities of behavioural addictions, our purpose is to guide and support a multitude of individuals on their path to recovery.

Addiction- It’s a family affliction

Family involvement…

We understand that in certain cases, admission may be coordinated by a close family member or friend. Our commitment is to fortify the bonds that hold significance in the patient’s life and, with their consent, engage family and loved ones in their path to recovery. We have a specialised admissions team in place to support families during a challenging process. Additionally, we extend our assistance through our Family Recovery Programme, offering crucial support to loved ones. Witnessing our patients regain their health and experience the renewed closeness of their families by their side brings us immense job satisfaction.

Lifetime support…

Continued care is a critical component of the ongoing recovery journey, serving as a vital safeguard against relapse. Upon completing their treatment programme, all our patients access a valuable resource: 1-year of complimentary aftercare support sessions. Additionally, they become part of the UK’s pioneering lifelong support network known as “UKAT Alumni.”