As an integral part of UKAT’s aftercare programme, the Alumni network offers continuous support to individuals in recovery by fostering connections with peers and providing essential guidance to maintain sobriety. Launched in 2017, Ukat Alumni has grown steadily, becoming one of the UKS’ largest treatment centre recovery communities. This lifelong support network ensures individuals receive the help they need throughout their recovery, offering assistance during challenging and rewarding moments.

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The benefits of being a part of our Alumni Programme

Our Alumni Programme is meticulously crafted to offer continuous support throughout the recovery journey, ensuring no one faces their challenges alone. While aftercare remains a crucial component of our rehabilitation treatment, we take immense pride in extending the support further by providing complimentary weekly group therapy for an entire year.

However, our Alumni Network goes above and beyond, establishing a lifelong support community. By joining our Alumni Programme, you’ll gain access to a range of invaluable benefits, including:

  • Community support
  • Events and fellowship
  • Lifelong Aftercare
  • Access to our private Facebook group

Alumni events

In addition to the invaluable support and resources offered by UKAT Alumni, it’s also an excellent way to have fun! UKAT Alumni arranges a variety of events throughout the year, ranging from festive Christmas parties and delightful dinners to adventurous outings, sizzling summer BBQs, and engaging guest speaker sessions. These gatherings provide a fantastic opportunity to reunite with friends from your rehab journey, forge connections with individuals from other UKAT recovery centres, and revel in good times. They offer a chance to celebrate recovery while enjoying each other’s company in a vibrant, sober environment.

How to join the UKAT Alumni team

UKAT Alumni is a complimentary and inclusive community open to all who complete rehab at a UKAT recovery centre. Whether your journey lasted a week or three months, our UKAT Alumni Network eagerly awaits to welcome you into our community!

Contact Oasis Runcorn today to explore how our Alumni Programme can play a pivotal role in sustaining your recovery journey and connecting you with remarkable individuals.