About The Author
Nicki Hari
Nicki Hari is the Admissions Supervisor for UKAT, managing communications and applying first-hand experience of rehab to help clients begin their recovery journeys. To highlight the danger of stigma, Nicki began writing and editing for UKAT, conveying powerful messages to give readers the courage to take their first steps toward healing. She has also given multiple interviews on addiction and the Opioid Crisis, featured across The BBC, ITV, The Telegraph and The Week.
Nicki’s addiction manifested in her teenage years. Supplied with a course of prescription medication to ease her pain following surgery, Nicki was unaware that these substances were addictive, mistaking her withdrawal symptoms for routine discomfort from the procedure. Initially, Nicki was apprehensive about inpatient rehab, but after making that crucial decision, she never looked back. Nicki wholeheartedly believes that rehab is essential to truly knowing yourself, delving deeper and reflecting upon your personal goals moving forward.

"Don’t feel that addiction is a label; addiction is an illness, and like any illness, you need to seek the right help and support to get you into a good recovery programme." - Nicki

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