Spice rehab

Synthetic drugs have gained notoriety in recent years, and among them, Spice has emerged as one of the most deadly. Nicknamed “the zombie drug” by tabloids, Spice has been responsible for 165 deaths since 2012, and the need for effective treatment has risen as a result. Oasis Runcorn offers a comprehensive Spice rehab programme that can help you quit this potent drug and get your life back on track.

Spice rehab: the core principles

Recovering from Spice requires a well-rounded approach that addresses not only the physical aspects of drug addiction but also mental and spiritual healing. Oasis Runcorn centres on these core principles in our Spice rehab programme, with our strategy focused on compassionate care.

Physical healing…

Spice is infamous for its powerful and unpredictable effects on the body. The synthetic chemicals responsible for inducing the drug’s effects can quickly alter neurotransmitter levels in the brain, leading to physical reliance. Spice detox is the first stage of recovery and is where we break this cycle. During this initial phase, our experienced team will help you to manage any withdrawal symptoms and ensure your complete safety.

Mental healing…

Spice addiction can have a profound impact on your mental health, with co-occurring mental health disorders a common occurrence in those suffering. These issues can be the cause of Spice abuse as you may use the drug to try and self-medicate but using Spice can also exacerbate mental health symptoms, making the problem much worse. It is therefore imperative to focus on your mental well-being, both during rehab treatment and after.

Spiritual healing…

Spice often leaves you feeling disconnected from yourself and the world around you. Our Spice rehab programme recognises the importance of spiritual wellbeing, incorporating practices that encourage you to reconnect with your inner self and seek a sense of purpose and meaning. This includes mindfulness and meditation techniques, yoga, gong baths and other holistic approaches that promote self-reflection and self-awareness.

What to expect from Spice rehab

In the peaceful setting of our rehab centre, you will begin treatment with a medically-assisted detox. This will be followed by various therapies, workshops and supportive activities. Your therapist will work closely alongside you, helping you to identify the reasons for your Spice use and teaching you vital coping skills and relapse prevention techniques.

Some of the rehab therapies offered at Oasis Runcorn include:

Oasis Runcorn provides a safe, welcoming environment where you can relax and focus on your Spice recovery. You will not only have support from our staff (who are also in recovery themselves) but a network of peers too.

A former client, Ellen, shares her experience of rehab, saying:

“I got on with everybody in rehab – there is no judgement. You are all in there for the same reasons and you are just one big family.”

When is the right time to enrol in Spice rehab?

Recognising the need for Spice rehab is a critical step towards recovery, but this requires honesty with yourself. It can be extremely difficult to admit you have a problem but moving out of denial and into acceptance will feel like a weight lifted off of your shoulders.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Have you experienced negative consequences as a result of your Spice use, such as problems with work, finances or in relationships?
  • Do you struggle to control the amount of Spice you use?
  • Have you tried to quit or cut back on your Spice use but been unsuccessful?
  • Have you experienced problems with your mental or physical health as a result of Spice?
  • Have friends or family expressed concerns about your Spice use?
  • Have you developed a tolerance for Spice, needing higher doses to achieve the same high?
  • Are you constantly preoccupied with thoughts about obtaining and using Spice?
  • Does Spice take priority over other important responsibilities in your life?

If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions, Spice rehab can offer you the escape you need. With our assistance, you can overcome your Spice cravings and find happiness and joy again.

Is recovery from Spice really possible?

Recovery from Spice is possible with the right support, determination and commitment to change. While Spice rehab can be challenging, there are some things you can do to increase your likelihood of success:

  • Find the right treatment plan for you: It is important to find a reputable Spice rehab centre with experience in treating substance use disorders.
  • Lean on your support network: Surround yourself with sober friends, family and others in recovery.
  • Remain open to treatment: Keep an open mind and engage with every therapy session to ensure you reap the maximum benefits.
  • Stay committed to your Spice recovery: Make sure you stay in Spice rehab for the duration as leaving early will likely lead to relapse.
  • Set attainable goals: Setting realistic daily and weekly goals will help you to stay focused and motivated.
  • Recognise and celebrate your progress: Recovering from Spice is a gradual process and each step forward is worth celebrating.

Spice rehab can provide you with everything you need to overcome your addiction, but it is up to you to put these tools into practice. If you are willing to make the change and start fresh, Oasis Runcorn is here to help.

What challenges will I face in Spice rehab?

Embarking on your Spice rehab journey is an extremely courageous decision. While it offers hope for a better future, it is also essential to acknowledge and prepare for the challenges that may arise during the recovery process. Some of the biggest challenges you may face in Spice rehab include:

  • Facing up to your emotions: Throughout Spice rehab, you will be forced to confront difficult emotions and underlying issues. This is a tough but necessary step that allows you to develop a deeper understanding of your inner self and learn new skills to cope with any negative feelings.
  • Addressing problems in relationships: It is possible that your Spice abuse has led to strained relationships with friends and family members but Spice rehab gives you the opportunity to repair the damage and work on developing stronger bonds.
  • Not knowing how to spend your time: Without the presence of Spice, you may find it difficult to fill your time, often leading to feelings of boredom. It is important to take advantage of Oasis Runcorn’s extensive timetable of activities so that your days feel productive and meaningful.
  • Cravings and relapse: Cravings for Spice and the risk of relapse will always be present in the initial stages of recovery. However, our team will work with you to employ effective strategies to avoid falling back into old habits.
  • Spice withdrawal symptoms: You may experience withdrawal symptoms as you abstain from Spice. This can be unpleasant, but our drug detox team will be on hand to offer support and manage your symptoms.
  • Transitioning to life outside of Spice rehab: Completing Spice rehab is a significant accomplishment, but the transition to life outside of rehab can present its own set of challenges. Establishing a relapse prevention plan and participating in aftercare programmes are crucial for maintaining long-term sobriety.

By acknowledging these challenges, you can be better prepared for any that come your way during your Spice rehab journey.

Let’s get started

Breaking free from the grip of Spice allows you to discover a life full of purpose and fulfilment. Spice rehab can empower you to tackle your issues head-on, restore your mental and physical health and rebuild from the ground up. Put simply, Spice rehab is an investment into a brighter future – if you are ready to get started, contact us today.

Frequently asked questions

How long does spice rehab last at Oasis Runcorn?
Oasis Runcorn offers Spice rehab stays ranging from two to twelve weeks, with the length of stay depending on your own individual needs. We typically recommend a minimum of four weeks to our clients so that you may develop and instil healthy habits.
How much does spice rehab cost at Oasis Runcorn?
The cost of Spice rehab depends on various factors, including the length of stay you wish to opt for. To receive an individualised quote, contact us on 0203 131 5938 or email info@ukat.co.uk.