We offer a diverse list of services to assist with recovery, and are passionate about helping others

The Oasis Runcorn Recovery Team

Faith Noone - Operations Manager
Faith Noone
Operations Manager (North)
Faith joined UKAT in November 2020 as an addiction counsellor. Facilitating groups, 1:1’s and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy. Her previous roles included supporting adult survivors of Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking and 14 years in the NHS as Failsafe coordinator for a national screening programme.
Faith completed an Integrative Counselling Degree First Class in 2020 (BSc Hons). Faith is a positive advocate for recovery appearing in TV/Radio segments for The one Show and Granada Reports highlighting and promoting the incredible work that the staff do across UKAT working in the addiction/recovery field. Faith was promoted in July 2021 to Senior Counsellor managing the therapy team. In November 2021 Faith transitioned into the role of CQC Registered Manager and continued to be passionate about providing safe, effective care for all clients who enter the centre. Faith was promoted to Operations Manager in February 2024 and now works closely with four centres within the UKAT group. Sharing her experience, knowledge and skills with other managers on improving processes and procedures within current guidance.
Kerry Dare - Senior Therapist
Kerry Dare
Centre Manager
Kerry joined UKAT in February 2023 as a trainee Person Centred Counsellor. Kerry's previous role included working within the homeless community, supporting clients with addiction and accommodation issues. Kerry completed a Person Centred Counselling Degree (BsC Hons).
Kerry has compassion, empathy and drive to help clients who are starting theirjourney of recovery.
Ethan Edge - Administrator
Ethan Edge
Ethan recently joined UKAT in the role of administrator, having worked in administrative roles since leaving school. Ethan's previous experience includes working for the world's largest Zipper company for several years, rewarding him with the knowledge and experience he brings to UKAT, assisting in the smooth running of office based environments and tasks.
Ethan has the empathy and understanding of individuals going through rehabilitation, and believes that when the administration is done effectively and efficiently, that allows for a well managed office and team. Being born and raised in Runcorn, Ethan is local to the Oasis Runcorn centre, and is very familiar with the community and its local residents.
Julie Rigby - Senior Support Worker
Julie Rigby
Senior Support Worker
From her early working life Julie has always thrived at helping others, she believes fiercely that no individual or family need to continue suffering, the pain of addiction.
After finally finding sobriety herself 10 years ago, she made a promise to help others, and show not only the addict, but the families also affected by someone else’s use, that recovery is possible and how to find and live in the solution of addiction. Julie believes strongly that a person-centred approach is the most valuable therapeutic help and having worked many roles within a Health & Social Care setting, with individuals from a wide range across the social spectrum, she believes that treatment and services need to be as diverse as the people and communities we serve. “A lot of my using was about changing the way I felt however having endured serious illness, loss and deep emotional pain whilst in recovery, I have come to learn that experiencing the joy, happiness and true peace of never having to use again, shows me how to live, facing life on life’s terms without the use of drugs and alcohol”
David Willet - Addiction Counsellor
David Willet
Addiction Counsellor
David joined UKAT in June 2023 and this will be his second counselling role since qualifying last year. David is passionate about recovery, and believes anyone is capable of abstinence if they offer humility and are prepared to change. David is primarily person-centred in his approach and has integrated solutions focused from his previous role in an employment assistance programme. David has personal experience with anxiety, depression and substance misuse which inspired him to pursue a career in counselling.
Paul Munro
Support worker
Paul, from Glasgow, Scotland, has five children and numerous grandchildren. He has been in recovery since January 2012, maintaining his sobriety through active participation in a 12-step program.
With years of experience in Addiction and Alcohol establishments, Paul embraces the chance to share his recovery journey with others. He finds great satisfaction in caring for individuals accessing detox and treatment services.
Lynsey Rotherham - Recovery Support Worker
Lynsey Rotherham
Recovery Support Worker
Lynsey started Oasis Runcorn as a volunteer after being here herself in treatment, following Lynsey’s hard work, devotion and work ethic she was then offered a full time job as a support worker. In her free time, Lynsey is still determined in her sobriety, and attends alcoholic/cocaine anonymously regularly, focusing on the 12 step program. Lynsey has got years of experience of being in active addiction and helping others who suffer.
With her current role as a recovery support worker Lynsey in over the next few years to work towards being a recovery coordinator. Lynsey loves helping other addicts/alcoholics find the right path into recovery and just wants every addict / alcoholic to find the freedom I have found.
Casey Lalley-McDonnell - Recovery Support Worker
Casey Lalley-McDonnell
Recovery Support Worker
Casey joined UKAT in January 2022 as a recovery support worker at Oasis Runcorn. At the centre, Casey is responsible for being a first point of contact for new Admissions.
She monitors client’s medications and detox regimes and also supports clients with anything they may need during their stay here at Oasis. Her previous roles include: working with women and children who have been through the criminal justice system dealing with complex issues such as domestic violence, substance misuse and human trafficking as well as facilitiating groups for women as a part of their probation. Casey always has a person-centred approach and is very passionate about helping others reach their goals.
Sarah Jenkinson
Recovery Support Worker
Sarah joined UKAT in March 2024, coming from a background of several fields within health and social care ranging between elderly, autism and learning disabilities, and mental health crisis work Sarah has gained extensive knowledge in helping people when at their lowest.
Sarah joined UKAT for a new challenge and change of path within her career and is looking forward to becoming more knowledgeable in the field of addiction as it is an area that has always challenged and intrigued her. Sarah loves working in in health and social care as it allows her to help and support people in the community and assisting them in their time of needs gives real job satisfaction.
Rachel Rathbone - Recovery Support Worker
Rachel Rathbone
Recovery Support Worker
Rachel joined UKAT in March 2022 as a Recovery Support Worker, she comes from a social care and civil service background.
Rachel has mainly worked in the community with service users with complex mental health care and co-morbid addiction. Rachel understands the need for individual support within a care setting and always strives to get to know the clients on an individual basis in order to tailor their care to their needs.
Jordan Moore - Support Worker
Jordan Moore
Support Worker
Jordan has always looked towards helping others, owing to his family's background across health and social care. After working in a Lifehouse for the homeless during early adulthood, Jordan has taken great pride in working with addiction and helping with finding the right path for people to overcome this hurdle in their lives, and is happy to be in a place where he can provide this help to those who seek it and wish to overcome the challenges life has provided them.
Deana Gago-Cao - Chef
Deana Gago-Cao
Hello I am Deana A.K.A , Dee Chef at Oasis recovery Runcorn. N.V.Q L3 qualified in Hotel catering and Management.
Obviously I love cooking and still have the fire in my belly for it. I seem to be mostly appreciated for my soups. Watch out Heinze. This year I am making the commitment to be vegan. For all the usual reasons .Prevent suffering of animals ,environment and health. 5 years ago I played a big part in adding Vegan foods to the halls of residents at Manchester university. Not afraid of anything, I love white knuckle rides, the scarier the better. Appeared on don't Tell the Bride and I jumped out of a plane once, anyone looking for someone for a challenge, I'm your woman. On a more grounded note, I love walking the dog..also focusing my mind on producing anything to do with art.
Lindsay Humphreys - Housekeeper
Lindsay Humphreys
Lindsay has for many years worked to a high standard within both private and public sector facilities as senior Housekeeper.
Lindsay believes that a clean and tidy environment leads to a clean and tidy mind and that we are indeed a product of our environment. Lindsay is a popular member of the Oasis team with both staff and clients alike, you can be assured of a cheery hello and a heart-warming smile, wherever she is. Nothing is too much to ask of Lindsay and she takes much pride in her relationships with colleagues and clients as she does in keeping our centre to an excellent standard.
Rose Amponsah - Cleaner
Rose Amponsah
Rose joined Oasis Runcorn in December 2022 as a weekend housekeeper. She is an experienced housekeeper with many years experience under her belt. She is familiar with the products and machines needed to perform her role effectively.
She knows how to apply cleaning products, deploy efficient cleaning techniques, and use a variety of equipment. Rose takes great pride in her work and prides herself on high standards. Rose always ensures that everything is completed in a timely manner. It brings her great pleasure to provide our service users with fresh, clean rooms and environments.