After successfully completing a rehabilitation programme, the transition back into the outside world can be both exciting and challenging. Recovering from addiction requires ongoing commitment, and aftercare plays a significant role in ensuring that you maintain your newfound sobriety and keeping you on track for success.

At Oasis Runcorn, our aftercare programme is included as part of your treatment plan and provides you with the support and tools you need to avoid relapse after rehab.

What is aftercare?

Despite common misconceptions, rehab treatment alone cannot cure your addiction. Overcoming a substance use or behavioural disorder is often a life-long battle that requires ongoing hard work, consistency and dedication.

Aftercare programmes recognise the importance of continued support as you reintegrate back into everyday life. They provide guidance, opportunities for further growth and a sense of community and connection.

Why is aftercare important?

Aftercare provides a bridge between the controlled environment of a rehabilitation centre and the real-world challenges that await you after completing an addiction treatment programme. Returning to a familiar environment with triggers and stressors can pose a significant risk to relapse if not properly addressed. Aftercare serves as a safety net, offering ongoing support and guidance to navigate these challenges effectively.

Some of the benefits of aftercare include:

  • Access to a support network of peers
  • Ongoing support and guidance from professionals
  • Opportunity to work through challenges and difficult emotions as they arise
  • Tools to manage stress and triggers
  • Continued personal growth and discovery
  • Helps you to stay on track and achieve your long-term goals

Ultimately, aftercare is an investment into your future and is equally as important as detox and rehab. Taking part in an effective aftercare programme allows you to continue to take meaningful steps towards your sobriety.

What is included in aftercare?

Oasis Runcorn offers one year of free aftercare to all of our clients, whether you have stayed with us for two weeks or four months. Our aftercare programme involves weekly group therapy sessions via Zoom, in which you can share progress and challenges with other people on the same journey and support one another through the process. This is facilitated by a professional therapist, ensuring that you have the coping skills in place when challenges present themselves.

At Oasis Runcorn, our team is dedicated to your success and will help to guide you even after your rehab stay. You do not have to face your addiction alone – we are here to support you every step of the way.

Aftercare and relapse prevention

One of the primary goals of aftercare is to help keep you on track and develop effective strategies for relapse prevention. Relapse is a common concern in addiction recovery, but with the right support and tools, it can often be prevented. Here are some valuable tips to help you maintain your sobriety and minimise the risk of relapse during your aftercare journey:

  • Surround yourself with supportive friends, family and others in recovery
  • Commit and engage in weekly aftercare therapy sessions
  • Understand your triggers and learn how to manage them
  • Set both long and short-term achievable goals
  • Take part in regular exercise, eat a healthy diet and get enough sleep
  • Regularly assess your progress and take action if you feel yourself slipping
  • Practice stress management techniques, such as meditation or breathing exercises
  • Stay busy and engage in enjoyable hobbies and activities
  • If a relapse does occur, it is important not to view it as a failure but rather as an opportunity for growth and learning. Analyse the circumstances leading up to the relapse, identify triggers or areas for improvement and adjust your aftercare plan accordingly.

Life after rehab

As you leave rehab and go back home, it is normal to feel a mixture of apprehension, fear and excitement. Leaving the supportive environment of a rehab centre can feel daunting, but with Oasis Runcorn’s aftercare programme, you will not be alone.

A former client, Richard, talks about the importance of aftercare, saying:

“The aftercare is really valuable – I’ve only missed two and I needed them because it reminds of where it started and new people always remind you of how far you’ve come.”

Simon also shares his experiences with aftercare, saying:

“Aftercare groups are just as important as the detox – I’d advise anyone to attend those. You’re talking about real-life situations and people can give you tips.”

Through aftercare, you can ensure your transition back to normal life is smooth and find new ways to adapt to a life without substances. If you are ready to start your rehab journey, or if you have any questions about our aftercare programme, please get in contact with our team.

Frequently asked questions

How long should I attend aftercare meetings?
Oasis Runcorn offers free aftercare for one year upon completion of our rehabilitation programme. It is recommended that you take advantage of the full year so that you can benefit fully from our services. Addiction is a long-term battle and difficulties can arise at any moment, so it is vital to have the support and tools in place to help you.
Is aftercare necessary even if I feel confident in my recovery?
Yes, aftercare is highly recommended regardless of how confident you feel in your recovery. While it’s a positive sign that you have developed confidence in yourself, complacency can lead to relapse. It is important to take proactive steps so that your hard work in rehab is not undone.
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