Alcohol rehab and drug rehab in Merseyside

When is it time to seek treatment for addiction? Is it when your physical health starts to fail? When loved ones have pulled away from you and friends no longer drop by? Should you wait until you’ve reached rock bottom and your confidence is at its lowest? There are no benefits to addiction, not even the brief high or the desire for it.

There is an underlying reason why you started abusing drugs, even if you don’t know it, and rehab centres are fully equipped to help you find the answers you need. There are many options for you to consider, both free and paid. Don’t let addiction ruin your life, call an addiction treatment helpline today to start the recovery process.

Rehab Treatment Services at Oasis Rehab

Oasis Communities Runcorn is a premier drug and alcohol rehab centre in the UK. The aim of our treatment procedure is not just to help you get better, but to re-inspire hope that was lost during your addiction. Our comprehensive treatment facility includes 22 beautifully decorated bedrooms that accommodate up to 34 patients at a time.

The spacious and serene environment of our rehab centre helps you relax, and feel at peace with yourself. We don’t confine you to the rehab centre, but rather help to reintegrate you back into society so that, at the time of your release, you’re ready to take the next step.

We treat several addictions, mental health disorders, and co-occurring disorders, such as codeine addiction, oxycodone addiction, alcohol addiction, cocaine addiction, codependency, cannabis addiction, depression, anxiety, and more. We also provide specialist services for young people aged 16-18 years old. Therapy techniques incorporated into your treatment plan include:

  • Art therapy
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • 12-step therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Meditation, and more

The journey from Merseyside to Runcorn takes between 29-40 minutes by car. Oasis Recovery Runcorn provides a sober transport service that can take you from Merseyside to Runcorn in under an hour and take you home upon release.
Call us today for treatment options.

The Pros and Cons of Private Rehab

The Pros
Your treatment plan at a private rehab centre is centred around your specific circumstances, input, and needs. Private rehabs understand that there is no one size fits all treatment, so they customise each plan to fit the individual patient.
Compared to government rehabs, private programmes in Merseyside are small, which means they are better managed and staff are able to build a relationship of trust with the patient. This makes it easier for the therapist to connect with the patient, and achieve better results in sessions.

The Cons
There are few disadvantages to private treatment. But the major factor that stands out is the high cost of treatment. However, when you consider the quality of care these rehab centres provide, and the fact that they are self-funded medical centres, you might understand why the cost is high.

How Much Does Rehab Cost in Merseyside?

When it comes to private rehab, your options are either to pay out of pocket or use your medical insurance. The cost of treatment varies across rehab centres. Rehabs in urban areas and city centres, such as Liverpool, charge more because of the cost of accommodation. Smaller rehab programmes and luxury rehabs also cost more. If you require specialised care and a long-term rehab stay, you will inevitably pay more.

Treatment begins with detox, to remove all the harmful toxins from your body. Most UK rehabs have an in-house detox centre, so the cost is usually merged. A one month stay at a standard rehab centre starts from £4,500, and could reach up to $8,000, depending on the number of therapies used in treatment. Luxury programmes start from £9,000-£10,000 a week.

Free/NHS Addiction Treatment Options in Merseyside

Drug and Alcohol Team: DART Is an NHS community-based treatment that provides drug and alcohol services to Merseyside residents. Services include substitute prescribing, quick access to treatment, partnership working, detoxification, individual therapy, comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan, withdrawal/maintenance medication, and access to the physical health clinic. You can either self-refer or be referred by a social or health care professional.
Address: Windsor House, 40 Upper Parliament Street, Liverpool
Phone no: 01512345870

The Whitechapel Centre: This centre is open every day of the year. They provide support to individuals who have a drug/alcohol problem to obtain accommodation and treat all issues associated with drug and alcohol abuse. The Whitechapel Centre works with local alcohol and drug treatment teams to create a recovery plan, and offer services such as medical care, food, education, social skills, training for employment, claiming benefits, and budgeting.
Address: Langsdale Street, Everton, Liverpool
Phone no: 01512077617

CGL – Wirral: Change Grow Live leads the Wirral Ways to Recovery Programme. It is a free and confidential alcohol/drug service for families, carers, young adults, and adults. Services include community detox, street outreach programmes, criminal justice services, and holistic wellbeing activities for users. Other services include education, housing & employment support, and family/carer support, including a Think Family team.
Address: Birkenhead Hub, 23 Conway Street, Birkenhead
Phone no: 01515561335

Addiction Support Groups in Merseyside

Person Shaped Support: PSS provides support to young carers, families, and young people affected by someone else’s drug/alcohol use. Services include group work, individual counselling, prisoner’s family service, and family recovery service.
Address: 18 Seel Street, Liverpool
Phone no: 01517025555

CAFF Carers and Family/Friends: This is a new support group set up by family, friends, and carers affected by a loved one’s drug/alcohol use. CAFF offers a supportive environment where members can sit and talk, without feeling judged. They also offer support for housing, debt issues, and benefits. During meetings, stress management techniques and complementary therapies are provided for group members.
Address: Spider Project, Unit 54 Woodside Business Park, Shore Road, Birkenhead
Phone no: 01515477723

How to Choose a Recovery Programme

A few factors to consider include:
Price: Some addiction programmes are covered by insurance, whilst others aren’t. Subsequently, many insurers only provide the minimum coverage for private rehab treatment, such as detox, and a few traditional therapies whilst in treatment. If you don’t have the finances to cover the out of pocket expenses, look for a programme that is covered by your medical insurance.
Location: The distance between your location and the rehab centre is another issue. If your family triggers your addiction, travelling for treatment might help you focus better on recovery. However, if you need your family to partake in your treatment, enrolling at a rehab centre within a two-hour radius is a good idea.
Religion-based or the scientific approach: Some individuals do not believe in a higher power, while others do. Depending on your personal beliefs, you could go with a rehab that incorporates SMART Recovery, or one that uses a 12-step programme.
Size of the programme: Smaller-sized rehab centres are able to provide more personalised care, because they have fewer patients. However, they also tend to be more expensive than other rehab options. Look for a programme that strikes a balance between the two to save cost.

NA meetings in/near Merseyside

17 Rodney Street, City Centre
Sunday 11:00 am

St Bride’s Church, Percy Street
Sunday 1:00 pm

St Anne’s Church, 7 Overbury Street, Wavertree
Sunday 7:30 pm

22 Richmond Park, Anfield
Monday at noon

Stoneycroft United Reformed Church, 95 Green Lane, Old Swan
Friday 7:30 pm

Emmanuel Baptist Church, Fleetwood Lane, Netherton
Saturday at noon

YMCA, 56 Whetstone Lane, Birkenhead, Wirral
Sunday at 3:00 pm

St James Centre, 344 Laird Street, Birkenhead
Monday 7:30 pm

Recovery Hub, 23 Conway Street
Tuesday 7:30 pm

St Mark’s Church (the hall), 160 North Road
Sunday 6:00 pm

St Helens
Friends Meeting House, Church Street

Tuesday 7:30 pm

St Pauls Church Hall, Victoria Square
Thursday 7:30 pm

St Luke Church, 16 Goodison Road
Friday 7:30 pm

AA meetings in/near Merseyside

ST Ann’s Church, 7 Overbury Street, Edge Hill
Saturday 7:30 pm

Presbytery, Our Lady & St Bernard’s, Kingsley Road
Friday 1:00 pm

47 Lark Lane, Aigburth (above Arts Hub)
Thursday 7:30 pm

39 Rodney Street
Wednesday 7:30 pm

All Saints Church, Anfield
Tuesday 7:30 pm
West Derby

West Derby Methodist Church, Crosby Green
Saturday 1:00 pm

Community Fire Station, Exmouth Street
Sunday at noon

Garston Park Church Hall, Garston Old Road off of Island Road
Tuesday 7:30 pm

St Francis of Assisi, Earp Street
Tuesday 1:30 pm

North Huyton PCRC, Woolfall Heath Avenue
Tuesday 6:30 pm

Crescent Centre, Crescent Road
Friday 8:00 pm

Addiction Counselling in/near Merseyside

Young Person’s Advisory Service: Established in 1966, YPAS is a charity organisation that supports young people, children, and their families. Their goal is to improve emotional well-being and provide mental health support for young people through a range of services. Counselling and psychotherapy services provide therapeutic intervention to help young people and children address issues that affect their mental health. Support services are designed to help with the practical issue, offer advice & information, drop-in services and group work.
Address: 36 Bolton Street, Liverpool
Phone no: 01517071025

Basement Advisory Centre: The Basement is a registered charity that provides support for homeless people dealing with mental health issues, financial problems, and drug/alcohol addiction. Most of the volunteers are ex-addicts who came to the Basement through the peer mentor programme. The Urban Outreach and Response Service includes outreach for rough sleepers, street drinkers, and people at risk of rough sleeping. They also offer an alcohol detox service, medical treatment, evening drop-in, counselling services, and learning and development.
Address: 56-60 Parr Street, Liverpool
Phone no: 01517071515

Local Govt Addiction Resources in Merseyside

Kevin White Unit: This unit is a 24/7 drop-in service that offers detoxification for opiate dependents who can’t use community detox services, or have tried community detox and it didn’t work. Detoxification is supported by psychosocial interventions, group work, referral to other agencies, and relapse prevention planning.
Detox begins with assisted-withdrawal from all harmful substances. You might be prescribed withdrawal medication, such as buprenorphine and methadone, to reduce the discomfort associated with opiate withdrawal. Other social and psychological components are introduced when you’re physically stable. The Kevin White unit is not a drop-in service, so, all patients must be referred either by a community team or GP.
Address: Smithdown Health Park, Smithdown Road, Liverpool, Merseyside
Phone no: 01513308074

Young Addiction: A free and confidential service for young people aged 10-19 who have trouble quitting drug and alcohol abuse. Services include individual therapy, information & advice, comprehensive assessment, education, and links to social and health support from other addiction treatment partners.
Address: Toxteth Fire Fit, 115 Upper Warwick Street, Liverpool
Phone no: 08000196197

Brook Place – Community Drug Team: This is a community-based addiction treatment team that provides support for all Merseyside residents. Services include one-on-one therapy, rapid access to treatment, partnership working, comprehensive assessment, detoxification, withdrawal medication, and referral to physical health clinics.
Address: Orphan Drive, Tuebrook, Liverpool
Phone no: 01513308260

How Can I Get To and From Merseyside?

The fastest route if you’re visiting Runcorn from Liverpool is to drive via the M62. Take A5046 and Churchill Way to Hunter Street. The A5047 links to the Knowsley Expressway, Mersey Gateway bridge and Heath Road in Runcorn. Take the exit to Runcorn Town Hall and turn right onto Heath Road.

If you’re visiting Merseyside from London, there are several trains from Euston train station to Waterloo, Merseyside, throughout the day. Ticket prices start from £17 and the journey takes around 3 hours and 10 minutes.
Getting around Wirral and Liverpool is easy. Europe’s oldest ferry, Mersey ferry, journeys across Seacombe and Woodside. MoneyTravel operates a bus and train network that connects Liverpool, Wirral, and Chester. Licensed taxi services in Wirral include Argyle, Abbey, and Wirral Satellite Care.

Liverpool One Bus Station is located in the heart of the city, and public transport is coordinated by Merseytravel. When you buy a Saveaway ticket, it allows you to travel by ferry, bus, or train after 9:30 am.