Alcohol rehab and drug rehab in Derbyshire

Alcohol and drug addiction can be difficult to overcome, largely due to the withdrawal symptoms that surface when you decide to quit. You might also find it psychologically challenging to curtail an obsessive habit such as gambling or sex, after a long spell of addiction. However, with adequate professional help, you can kick these habits and get back control of your life.

If you live within Derbyshire and have been finding it difficult to quit drugs or other addictive substances, professional help is within reach. Adhering to a well-planned treatment schedule that involves detoxification and a holistic rehab programme, you can overturn your addiction and maintain a drug-free life.

There are various treatment options – from private to public, as well as support groups and counselling centres – that can help make your recovery journey easier.

We strongly urge you to explore different treatment options before making a decision on which recovery route to take. You can also receive expert guidance via our helpline with regards the ideal steps to take. Please read on to find out more about our private rehab facility, as well as NHS options and community programmes dedicated to addiction treatment in and around Derbyshire.

Services We Offer

If you’re in based Derbyshire, our Oasis Recovery rehab centre in Runcorn is well suited to help you fully recover. Our rehab clinic is located just 64 miles away from Derbyshire, a two-hour journey by road via the M56, which connects to the A533 in Runcorn. However, we offer a free sober transport service that can take you to our rehab clinic and back, ensure you’re as comfortable as possible and can fully focus on your recovery.

At Oasis Recovery, your treatment will be undertaken in a safe and nurturing environment, where you’ll be comfortable throughout your stay. Our staff are highly experienced and cross-trained in addiction treatment and healthcare. We always ensure the treatment programme you undergo truly reflects your specific case of addiction and can achieve sustained recovery.

We treat various forms of addiction, including those to drugs, alcohol, gambling and sex, as well as eating disorders. We tackle these issues using different forms of therapy, which are determined by your individual needs and what works best for you.

The therapies you’ll likely undergo include:

    • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
    • 12 step therapy or Strengths Programme
    • Fitness Programme
    • Art Therapy
    • One-to-one counselling
    • Dialectical behavior therapy
    • Group sessions

We also carry out a free aftercare support programme that lasts for a year. This is because we understand abstinence is a life-long commitment and that you’ll require help when settling back into your surroundings. During this programme, we’ll be with you every step of the way, guiding you as you’re re-integrated into society, whole and drug-free.

Pros and Cons of Private Rehab

You can attend a private or public rehab centre, or one run by charities. While these options are viable means to attain recovery, they each have their advantages and disadvantages. Although it can’t be accessed by everyone, private rehabilitation on its own is still considered the best method of recovery. So, here are some pros and cons of being treated in a private rehab facility:

Pros of private rehab

Private rehab comes with many advantages over other treatment routes and options such as the NHS, charities and free community programmes.

These advantages include:

      • Around-the-clock Speedy admission in cases of emergency
      • Quick access to health professionals and therapists
      • Detoxification and rehabilitation with 24/7 care and support
      • Personalised treatment programmes
      • Arrangement for family support and therapy
      • Flexible treatment options, which include inpatient and outpatient care
      • 1 yr free aftercare programmes
      • Integration of other therapeutic activities – such as music and art therapy

Cons of private rehab
Cost – which should be weighed up against long-term health deterioration and financial oblivion

How Much Does Rehab Cost in Derbyshire?

Oasis Runcorn has a range of cost effective treatment options making it the most outstanding value for money 100% CQC rated alcohol and drug detox and rehab clinic in the UK.

Treatment delivered either by the NHS, a community programme, or charity-run centre will see you pay a reduced cost or nothing at all. However, the main issue with such treatment options is that you could have to wait for months before you’re granted funding (via the NHS) or are referred to a private rehab centre. This is because waiting lists are usually lengthy, while charity rehab centres are almost always filled to capacity.

Free/NHS Addiction Treatment Options in Derbyshire

The Derbyshire Recovery Partnership is an alcohol and drugs addiction treatment service, delivered by the Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust in partnership with Phoenix Futures, Derbyshire Alcohol Advice Service, and Intuitive Thinking Skills.

The partnership has an overarching aim to address the general wellbeing of individuals who are affected by alcohol and drug misuse, either directly or indirectly.

Addiction Support Groups in Derbyshire

It’s important to join support groups and attend meetings regularly after you’ve been discharged from the rehab facility. Drawing from the experiences shared by fellow addicts during meetings, your resolve to maintain abstinence will be strengthened. Support groups are free to attend and require no compulsory obligation on your part.

There are numerous groups across Derbyshire, where meetings are held weekly, lasting for about an hour or more. Some of the support groups include:

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): This support group is an international society of men and women who are fighting to overcome their drinking problems. AA is free to attend and open to all addicts.

Narcotics Anonymous (NA): This is a support group founded on the same 12-step principle as AA, but more focused on drugs than alcohol. Meetings are free, with the only criteria being to attend with a genuine willingness to beat your addiction to drugs.

How to Choose a Recovery Programme

Your choice of recovery programme will define how you combat addiction and can be a huge factor in the outcome of treatment. It is never advised to undertake addiction treatment without professional help, especially when it concerns drug or alcohol. Not only can self-treatment increase the chances of a relapse, it could also prove dangerous. As a result, you should make efforts to consult a professional when you want to quit using drugs.

Addiction affects everyone differently, while there are also personal conditions involved in every case of substance misuse or behavioural disorder. These variations include the type of addictive substance, the biological profile of the addict, and the presence of a physical or mental health issue alongside the addiction (dual diagnosis). This makes it crucial to undergo a recovery programme that reflects your specific addiction. Failing this, you will likely relapse, which can also be very dangerous.

You can be on the right path to recovery with just one phone call. We can arrange transport to and from our facility, as well as ensure a recovery programme that is carefully devised to meet your needs and address your addiction.

NA meetings in/near Derbyshire

Shares, Steps, Traditions and JFT
The Convent of Mercy
11 Bridge Gate, Derby, DE1 3AU
Sundays 7:30 pm

Our Primary Purpose
Hope Springs Recovery Centre
Springwell House, Newbold Road, Chesterfield, S41 7PB
Mondays 7:30 pm

A New Way of Life
Hope Springs Recovery Centre
Springwell House, Newbold Road, Chesterfield, S41 7PB
Tuesdays 7:30 pm

Just for Today – Buxton
Trinity Church, Hardwick Mount
Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 6PR
Wednesdays 8:00 pm

Baptist Church
Osmaston Road, Derby, DE1 2GU
Thursdays 8:30 pm

St Osmund’s Church
London Road, Derby, DE24 8UW
Fridays 7:30 pm

English Martyrs Church Hall
16 Hollis Street, Alvaston, Derby, DE24 8QU
Saturdays 7:15 pm

AA meetings in/near Derbyshire

Derby Chellaston Big Book
Chellaston Community Centre, Barley Croft, DE73 6TU
Sundays 18.00
Duration: 1hr

St Ann’s Community Centre, Hardwick Square West, SK17 6PX
Mondays 20.00
Duration 1hr 30mins

Long Eaton
St Francis of Assissi (RC), Church Hall, Tamworth Rd, NG10 1DH
Tuesdays 19.30

Matlock Open
St. Joseph’s Community Hall, Bank Road (next to RC Church), DE4 3NG
Wednesdays 19.30

Burton-On-Trent Open
St Mary and St Modwen Catholic Church, Parish Room, Guild Street, DE14 1NB
Thursdays 12.15
Duration: 1hr 30mins

Buxton: Come and Go
St Anne’s Community Centre, Hardwick Square West, SK17 6PX
Fridays 12.15

Convent of Mercy, 11 Bridge Gate, (next to St Mary’s Church), DE1 3AU
Saturdays 17.30
Duration: 1hr 45mins

Addiction Counselling in/near Derbyshire

You can access counselling for a year after your rehab via our aftercare programme. However, you can complement this with further support in your area, either through a community programme or private counselling service. You can find the latter through online UK directories, such as:

National counselling society

Local Government Addiction Resources in Derbyshire

Listed below are local resources in Derbyshire you can access if you’re going through a difficult time with addiction. This provision can also be complemented by our aftercare service when you’ve completed rehabilitation:

Derby Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service: This is a drug and alcohol treatment partnership between Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Aquarius, and Phoenix Futures. This coalition service seeks to help addicts safely attain and maintain recovery. It operates in St Peter’s Churchyard and St Andrews house in Derby.

Breakout: This is a substance misuse service, targeted at young people who are affected by addiction to drugs and alcohol in Derbyshire.

How Can I Get To and From Derbyshire?

By Car

Derbyshire can be accessed by road via the A515 from Manchester; the A6, M62, and M1 from Yorkshire; the A38 from Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire; the A50 and B5035 from Staffordshire; and the M56 from Runcorn. You can easily get around the county using a range of bus and coach services.

By Train

Derbyshire is mainly served by Derby railway Station and Hope Station, which connect to London, Manchester, and other parts of the UK on a daily basis.