Alcohol rehab and drug rehab in Herefordshire

Herefordshire is a county located in England’s West Midlands. It is bordered by the Welsh counties of Powys and Monmouthshire to the west, Gloucestershire to the south-east, Worcestershire to the east, and Shropshire to the north. It can be overwhelming trying to find assistance on your own, but the good news is that there are many addiction treatment options available in Herefordshire, so you’ll be able to find the exact help you need.

The various options for addiction treatment include private rehab, which is widely sought. Its advantages make it a popular choice, though not everyone is able to afford it. Other options include outpatient treatment in the form of detox or counselling, which may be provided by a charity or private organisation (and sometimes, the NHS).

Support groups are another viable option, which despite not being considered formal care can be a crucial part of your treatment programme. Support groups are beneficial because they can help foster a sense of community and fellowship with people who understand what you’re going through. They comprised men and women who come together to share their hopes and experiences, as they go through the journey of recovery.

A Brief Overview of Services Offered by Oasis Runcorn

At Oasis, it’s our goal to ensure that everyone who walks through our doors can recover in the safety and comfort they deserve. We’ve designed our facility to achieve this and are able to provide accommodation for a maximum of 34 patients at any time, with 22 beautifully decorated rooms available.

Situated on the coastline, you’ll enjoy the fresh sea air throughout your stay at Oasis. You’ll never be too detached from reality though, as our clinic straddles the busy town of Runcorn. You’ll also have access to a local swimming pool and gymnasium once you’ve completed medical detox. When the time is right, we’ll also encourage you to enjoy accompanied walks on the coast and into town. These activities help heal your mind, as well as your body.

We are big on community support, so have made provision for shared rooms, which may benefit same-sex sharers who require peer support, especially during the early stages of treatment. We discourage isolation and antisocial behaviour while advocating communal support and enjoyment. Oasis Runcorn is located 114 miles from Herefordshire via the Shropshire Hills, Shrewsbury, Wrexham and Chester. We are also able to transfer you to our facility and back, at your request.

Pros and Cons of Private Rehab

Securing private rehab means that you’ll bear the responsibility of funding treatment yourself, as opposed to receiving funding from the NHS. While private rehab is considered costly, the benefits can certainly be said to justify the costs. In a private facility, professional medical staff will place you under 24-hour surveillance so that you can detox in comfort and safety. In the event of any complications, they will be addressed swiftly, thus averting potential danger.
Staff at private rehab facilities can be more attentive to your needs, as the staff-to-patient ratio is low, meaning they don’t have too many patients to manage at any one time. This level of care is also beneficial because the treatment team will be better placed to focus on getting to the root of your addiction and deploying a combination of treatment methods that are best suited to you.

With regards finances, Oasis Runcorn offers flexible payment plans to help partly alleviate the burden of cost. A notable disadvantage associated with private rehab is that it’s time-consuming. For instance, you will be required to reside at the facility for the duration of treatment. However, it is possible to spend just one week or two in residential treatment, while you then continue on an outpatient basis.

How Much Does Rehab Cost in Herefordshire?

Rehabs in Herefordshire vary in price, ranging from more affordable to luxury options. Regardless of how a facility’s treatment programmes are priced, there are certain costs most will incur. These include overheads such as accreditation costs, license renewal fees, medication, accommodation and meals for patients, as well as the maintenance of medical equipment and staff.

Prices are also dependent on the amenities provided and the philosophy of the rehab centre in question, amongst others. While some rehabs offer basic amenities such as shared rooms and communal dining, others offer private suites and spa treatments. At Oasis Runcorn, we offer a mix of desirable amenities and world-class treatment, at a reasonable price range.

You can choose from our private or shared rooms; when you’re ready, you can swim and work-out at the nearby swimming pool and gym. We also offer flexible payment plans. So, call us today to arrange a payment plan you can take advantage of.

Free/NHS Addiction Treatment Options in Herefordshire

The NHS provides a number of services which are beneficial for addiction recovery. These include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and counselling for adults and youngsters under the age of 18. They also provide alcohol and drug addiction support services and eating disorder clinics. To access most of these services, your GP will need to refer you. However, the local drug and alcohol service can be accessed by means of self-referral.

Other free options for addiction support in Herefordshire include charity organisations such as Addaction. They can be reached on 01432 802 487 and found at 6 Bridge Street, Hereford.

Support groups are another resource that can be of great benefit. These are free to attend and available at different locations in and around Herefordshire. They are peer-to-peer groups and have been found to be beneficial for many people struggling with alcohol or drugs.

Addiction Support Groups in Herefordshire

Support groups comprise men and women who have come together to assist one another in achieving the common goal of beating addiction and maintaining lifelong abstinence. Such groups are open to all addicts and are free to join. Meetings are often held at designated times, at different locations across Herefordshire. Some include:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
    AA is a fellowship of individuals who meet regularly to share their hopes and experiences in dealing with addiction. This group pioneered the 12-step approach adopted by many other support groups and private rehab centres like ours.
  • Narcotics Anonymous (NA)
    NA is a 12-step support group, comprising people from all different walks of life who have come together to help one another overcome their addictions.
  • Smart Recovery
  • This science-based group offers an alternative to the 12 step model.
  • PAD (Parents Against Drugs)
    This group provides family support and informal advice regarding drugs.
  • Gwent Drug and Alcohol Service
    This group provides counselling and support for friends and families affected by the substance use of another person.

How to Choose a Recovery Programme

Choosing the right recovery programme amongst all the options available in and around Herefordshire is not an easy task. However, this can be done with relative ease once you know what to do. It’s never a bad idea to visit your GP first – especially if you’re looking to secure free addiction treatment, provided by the NHS or another local organisation. They could refer you to a local addiction treatment centre in Herefordshire that can provide the care you need.
Given its benefits, you might prefer the private rehab route instead. If so, then you can contact us anytime and we will arrange an assessment. This allows us to understand the nature of your addiction and determine what treatment methods may be best for you.

We will answer any questions you might have for us, whether your concerns relate to the cost of treatment or our philosophy, credentials and the experience of our staff. We offer a range of treatment methods, which can be combined as a unique treatment programme, designed to cater to your individual needs.

NA meetings in/near Herefordshire

Hereford Survivors
St. Francis Xavier Church, 19 Broad Street, Hereford, HR4 9AP
Tuesday, 7:30 pm

Seven Corners Centre
1-3 Seven Corners Lane, Abergavenny, Gwent, NP7 5AX
Thursday, 7:30 pm

Worcester Wednesdays
Main Hall (downstairs), Friends Meeting House, 1 Sansome Walk, Worcester, WR1 1UG
Wednesday, 7:00 pm

Digging Deeper
1st floor, The Hub Bistro, 59 Southgate St, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL1 1TX
Wednesday, 5:30 pm

Share, The Hub Bistro,
59 Southgate Street, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL1 1TX
Sunday, 6:00 pm

AA meetings in/near Herefordshire


Old Priory Rooms, off Church St. (entrance at rear of bldg), HR6 8EQ
Monday 19.15


Friends Meeting House, Brampton St, HR9 7EQ
Friday 19.30


Big Step
Trinity Parish Room, Catholic Church of the Most Holy Trinity, HR8 2EE
Wednesday 19.30


Daily Reflections
Stonebow Unit, County Hospital, HR1 2ER
Saturday 16.30

Hereford Big Book Discussion
Friends Meeting House, 21 King St, HR4 9BX
Sunday 19.30

Addiction Counselling in/near Herefordshire

You can access free addiction counselling via Addaction Herefordshire, which offers support, advice and information for residents who have problems with drugs and alcohol. They are open every day of the week and on alternate Saturdays. They also provide family support and a service for young people, aged 11 and above. The organisation goes further to help people develop the skills needed to live a normal, fulfilling life.

About 23 miles from Herefordshire is the Swanswell Alcohol and Drug Recovery Service in Worcester. They offer access to residential rehab, medical and psychological treatment and advice, delivering their services as part of the Worcestershire Recovery Partnership. They have hubs in Evesham, Worcester, Redditch and Kidderminster. They can be reached on 0300 303 8200 and are located at 14 Castle House, Castle Street, Worcester.

Both of these services can be accessed by self-referral or referral from a medical professional.

Local Government Addiction Resources in Herefordshire

The Herefordshire county council website can serve as a resource for finding information relating to drug and alcohol misuse. The council is particularly interested in raising awareness about problem drinking and getting people to drink less.

They recommend getting advice from organisations such as Drink Aware, NHS Choices Alcohol and Change4Life. Meanwhile, Herefordshire Against Night-time Disorder (HAND) help ban alcohol abusers from all licensed premises in the scheme if they are found to abuse alcohol. To find out more about this scheme, email or call Jim Mooney, Police Licensing Officer, on 01432 347102.

How Can I Get to and from Herefordshire?

If you’re making your way to Herefordshire from London by train, you can expect the journey to last roughly four hours and ten minutes from Moorgate to Hereford. Tickets cost around £45. From Hereford Station, Addaction is only about eight minutes. Getting there should take you about the same amount of time if you go via Edgar Street or the A438.
Edgar Street takes you past the Old Market Shopping Centre and Hereford FC, while the A438 runs nearby a range of restaurants and fast food outlets, including KFC (before Stonebow Road), Planet Buffet, The Beefy Boys and Cosy Club.
By car, Oasis Runcorn is approximately two and a half hours from Herefordshire. Take the A49 until you get to Bayston Hill Roundabout. The first exit (which is the shortest route) takes you through Nobold and Bowbrook, all the way to Chester and then Frodsham. The third exit (which takes longer) takes you along the A5 through Preston and Upper Battlefield, all the way to Frodsham. You can also take the M1, but you could end up spending three hours on the road.