Low-cost Residential Drug Rehab Treatment in Cheshire

Oasis Recovery Communities Runcorn provide a full and comprehensive drug rehab programme that unearths and treats the root causes of the individual’s drug addiction. Drug rehabilitation is a vital component to recovering from addiction on a permanent basis.

Without undergoing intensive addiction treatment (post drug detox) to rehabilitate the individual’s mind, there is little hope of a drug addict making a full and permanent recovery. If you or a loved one are in need of drug treatment or advice, then please call us today!

Our addiction counsellors are in recovery from a range of addictions (inc cocaine, cannabis, heroin, crack, prescription drugs etc…) and many have been through rehab and detox themselves. We are a 100% CQC rated drug rehab clinic and have treated thousands of people suffering from drug addiction.

How Does Drug Rehabilitation Help?

Drug rehab is a professional and specialist treatment service available to those suffering from addiction and its common co-occurring illnesses. Oasis Recovery Communities Runcorn specialise in drug detoxification and rehabilitation. Our treatment facility, staffed by dedicated and qualified professionals, is a safe and healing place where you will receive the correct and individualised treatment for your specific addiction.

Undergoing inpatient drug rehab means we can work with the individual on a far more intensive level and ensure that they remained safe and supported throughout. Removing the individual from their often chaotic and destructive environment means that they have a far higher chance of completing a detox and treatment programme.

We offer a secure, nurturing and healing environment. We treat each client based on their individual treatment needs and entirely without judgement. Most of our staff are in recovery themselves, so they understand the shame, guilt and remorse that goes hand in hand with addiction. You will be shown a compassionate and professional approach throughout your treatment.

We feel it is important for our clients to feel relaxed, comfortable and well rested so that their energies can be focused on their recovery and rehabilitation. We use additional proven therapies to aid in physical rehabilitation and help to relax the mind. Support is on hand 24/7, so you never need feel alone

How Long Does Drug Rehab Take?

The duration of treatment suggested varies from individual to individual. How long they will need to stay will be dependent on various personal treatment factors, such as:

  • Their general health and the period of recuperation needed to restore them to full health physically and mentally
  • Having a drug dependency. Each case needs to be assessed fully to determine the length of medical detox required.
  • If they have a co-occurring illness, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, borderline personality disorder (BPD)
  • They suffer from more than one addiction, whether that is a process addiction or substance addiction
  • Their cognitive ability and engagement levels:
  • Whether or not they have undergone a rehabilitation programme before
  • Their ability to commit regarding finances and time
  • How dysfunctional or stable their home life is

Oasis Recovery Communities Runcorn recommends 28 to 84 days of residential rehab treatment in the vast majority of cases. For a more accurate idea of the duration of stay that you need and the treatment required, please call us directly so we can advise based on your circumstances.

Medical Detox

During the medical drug detox process, patients are prescribed an approved medication to manage their symptoms of alcohol/drug withdrawal. The process is tailored to the individual to negate the effects of fitting, vomiting, tremors etc.… until the client is substance-free. The treatment is clinically proven to be the safest way to detox, taking between 7-14 days to complete, with 24/7 care and support being provided throughout.

Drug Rehab Treatment Programme

We strongly recommend a minimum of 28 days of drug rehabilitation in one of our treatment facilities. In this time, you will be treated physically, mentally and emotionally.

Our specialist programmes include:

  • One-to-one Counselling
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Fitness and Massage
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Music & Art therapy
  • Process Addiction
  • Holistic Programme
  • Mindfulness and Acupuncture
  • Relapse Prevention Techniques

Free Lifelong Aftercare Programme

We understand that leaving rehab and having to face the reality of day-to-day life can be an extremely daunting thought. While you may be determined to continue living a clean and sober life, external triggers and temptations exist and dealing with these alone can leave you feeling isolated. To support you during this vital time, we have created a two-tier approach to long-term sobriety.

Short-term: we provide one year’s worth of free aftercare support sessions every week in the rehab you attended (or nearest clinic). Here you will engage with a group based therapeutic approach, with loved ones in attendance (if you so wish) but with the opportunity to speak with a counsellor one-to-one.

Long-term: we have built the UK’s first recovery network for all those who have attended a UKAT treatment facility. This lifelong recovery network is called Alumni – a gateway to lifelong sober companionship. Events include Christmas parties, dinners, adventure days out and, of course, summer BBQs.

This is the future of permanent recovery, and we are proud to be the first rehab family in the UK to offer it. Many people fear that putting down the drugs means losing their social life. At UKAT we say it’s only just begun! Please call to hear more about rehab, recovery and lifelong happiness.

If you have any questions regarding our drug rehab clinics, treatment needs, locations and cost – we can answer them!

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