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Oasis Recovery Communities Runcorn are extremely experienced in successfully treating drug addiction. This condition is sadly often portrayed as a lifestyle choice by those who are not educated or informed of the facts around it. We understand drug addiction completely and we are very knowledgeable around the truth and experienced in its successful treatment; it is most definitely not a lifestyle choice.

Addiction is a devastating and destructive deadly illness that leaves the individual powerless within their own mind and body. Addiction doesn’t just affect the sufferer, its ripple effect is far-reaching, causing hurt and damage to all that touch the lives of the addict. The substance or activity that the addict focuses on is really pretty irrelevant in terms of damage, as it is the individual’s actions and behaviours that cause the most harm.

The first thing to realise is that someone suffering from drug addiction is both physically and mentally extremely unwell. Secondly, it is important to understand there is no quick fix. It is not just a case of stopping the drug. In fact, this is only the very start of the recovery process; as with the same mindset present, there is an extremely high chance of the individual relapsing. In order for an individual to permanently recover from drug addiction and not relapse, they must undergo a complete change in their thinking and behaviours.

What Is Drug Addiction?

Addiction manifests in each individual differently, some will compulsively seek alcohol or drugs; others will seek people, money, food, adrenaline, control or activities. Someone with an addiction to drugs will compulsively seek and take the drug they crave, regardless of negative consequences. They will do almost anything to get their next hit, pill or fix, often harming themselves and others in the process.

They disregard their own physical and mental wellbeing, as the compulsion that they suffer from is so overpowering it overrides any common sense that they may have. They may be perfectly able and sane in their thinking, decisions and approach around other things in life, but when it comes to their addiction they have no mental ability to stop and stay stopped.

The same behaviours, patterns and mistakes are not learned from and are repeated over and over and over again. Addiction is a progressive illness of the mind and body, it only ever gets worse over any given period of time. It can take them to the brink of despair and complete and utter hopelessness.

Some begin to self-harm and some even consider suicide as a valid solution to, or way out, of their problems. Drug addiction sadly is a deadly chronic brain disease, for which currently there is no cure. However, it IS treatable; with the correct treatment and supports the individual CAN get well and recover.

At Oasis Recovery Communities Runcorn the drugs can be safely removed with a medically assisted detox; each individual can then be taught proven and effective relapse prevention techniques and engage in an individualised recovery programme that deals with the issues underlying their addiction and behaviours. For a full recovery to be achieved and maintained, the sufferer’s mind, body and spirit must be treated comprehensively and healed.

Once this has happened, the individual is longer at the mercy of the compulsion to take substances. With our assistance, they can start to apply new healthier principles and coping mechanisms to their life, to others, and most importantly to themselves.

Detox for Drug Dependency

Drug dependency is where the individual’s body physically craves and needs the drug on a regular basis in order to function and prevent withdrawal symptoms from developing. Dependency develops over time and with the regular use of a particular drug. A dependent drug addict will have developed a tolerance to the initial amounts that they had been taking at the height of their addiction.

Over time, an individual’s tolerance increases, and as soon as they stop taking the substance, withdrawal sets in and they begin to suffer both physically and mentally. This drives them to more and more dangerous extremes and anti-social behaviour in order to get the drug. Characteristics of drug addiction will often manifest in the individual begging, borrowing, lying, stealing, manipulating, aggression, cheating and even committing a crime in order to feed their addiction.

Clinically, the safest and most comfortable way to withdraw from drug dependency is to undergo a full medical detox. Oasis Recovery Communities Runcorn are able to facilitate all manner of different drug detoxes within the safe and caring environment of our purpose built rehab clinic.

Common drugs that quickly cause a physical dependency are:

  • Alcohol
  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Cannabis
  • Methadone
  • Opiates
  • Codeine
  • Tramadol
  • Valium
  • Sleeping Tablets
  • Prescription Drugs and Over The Counter Medicines

The level of physical dependency present in each individual will depend on what the drug is, the amounts taken regularly and the period of time the addiction has been present

Medical Detox

Oasis Recovery Communities Runcorn offer and facilitate a full medicated Drug Detox for those that are suffering from a drug dependency. Drug detoxes are carried out within the nurturing and supportive environment of our clinic. It is essential that any individual undertaking a rehabilitation programme for their addiction, must, first of all, detoxify their body and mind from the substance they are addicted to.

We understand that without the correct medical and psychological help, this can prove very dangerous and be very difficult to achieve. We take every precaution possible and follow strict safety measures to ensure detox is completed with minimal risk to the patient’s health and wellbeing. As a CQC regulated rehab, all of our staff are comprehensively trained and qualified; they follow our health and safety regulations to the letter.

Detoxing from drugs can be life-threatening if not carried out correctly.  Therefore, we offer appropriate levels of medical support and psychological care to ensure safety is paramount at all times, throughout the process.

Successfully Treating Drug Addiction

As previously said before, there is no quick fix to overcoming an addiction to drugs. Detoxification alone is rarely sufficient to long-term, permanent, recovery. In order for this to be achieved, it is strongly recommended that the individual also completes a full rehabilitation programme to prevent them from returning to drugs at later date. Without rehabilitation, the drug addict has only been given a break from their using, it is necessary for them to undergo a complete change in their thinking and behaviours if they are to maintain a long and happy recovery.

Statistics show, that those that engage in a rehabilitation programme stand a far better chance of staying clean after detox. Oasis Recovery Communities Runcorn offer a number of treatment programmes that vary in content and duration. We fit the programme to the person, not the other way around. Each treatment programme and duration is tailored according to the individual’s specific treatment needs. Our primary care rehabilitation programmes run from 4 weeks up to 12 weeks.

We also offer secondary care and support community integration and living. We encourage our patients to stay for as long as possible, in most cases the longer the better for their long-term recovery. However, we do appreciate that finances and time may be an issue for some and therefore offer a minimum rehabilitation programme of 28 days. During this time, each patient will undergo a number of powerful, proven and highly effective addiction and mood disorder treatments, including:

  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Process Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • 12 Step Therapy
  • Fitness Programme
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation

For some individuals, complete relocation is necessary in order for them to change, we can arrange this through one of our many sober living communities and also support their reintegration into society, education, training and work.

Drug Addiction Rehab with Oasis Runcorn

Alongside the therapeutic treatments that we offer, we enhance our patients’ recovery and wellbeing by offering a physical fitness programme and encouraging healthy eating. We treat each individual as a whole person, this means healing them physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. By doing this, we are removing potential blockages to their future recovery.

Our programme is intensive and keeps the individual occupied and active, with allocated periods for rest and relaxation; we have found that this is the most effective approach to keeping our patients engaged, motivated and focused.  Patients will also receive ongoing support from our fully trained recovery workers who will also be available to speak to outside of clinic hours.

Addiction to anything resides in the individual’s mind, which is the driving force behind the compulsive behaviours. Once detox is completed, we intensively treat the mindset, ensuring total freedom from addictive drug addiction! All patients that complete a drug treatment programme with us, will further benefit from 12 months complimentary aftercare, helping them to adjust to living life clean and free from drugs!

If you have any questions related to drug addiction, or simply want to find out more, please call us and speak to a member of our team, or talk to us on LIVE CHAT for immediate confidential advice and support.


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