Why Choose Us?

At Oasis Communities Runcorn we have a passionate and committed team of experienced Counsellors and Recovery Support Workers, many of whom have overcome their own struggles with addiction. This provides us with a unique insight and understanding of addiction, the common causes, and how to overcome them successfully. Our professional clinical team combine their personal experience, training and qualifications to re-inspire our clients, give them hope and address the roots of their condition. Clients benefit from a warm and compassionate environment, that is completely non-judgemental. This assists them in building strong and trusting working relationships with our Counsellors and therapists. Furthermore, we wholeheartedly support our clients through their entire recovery journey with us; assisting them as they transition from active addiction, through treatment and back into successful clean and sober community living.

Affordable Treatment

The treatment offered by Oasis Communities Runcorn comes at an extremely competitive price. We are able to provide long-term rehabilitation that is highly effective and doesn’t cost the earth. Why? Because we genuinely care. Our dedicated and highly skilled team of professionals take great pleasure in assisting and observing our clients as they transform often from lost, hopeless and broken, into confident, inspired and helpful individuals.

We provide specialist treatment for all kinds of addictions and co-occurring illnesses. Our treatment programmes are specifically tailored to target each individual’s underlying issues. Alcohol, drugs and compulsive behaviours become a coping mechanism for illnesses such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Depression and Trauma. Supporting clients that suffer from these common co-occurring illnesses is something we are highly trained and very experienced in.

Expert Addiction Treatment

We pride ourselves on offering the very best of care to our clients, ranging from detox, through rehabilitation and back into community living. The team cares for and supports clients with co-occurring disorders including mental health and eating disorders. With drugs, alcohol and other addictions being a symptom of the problem, the staff at Oasis are well trained in helping clients deal with a range of issues. Supporting clients with such areas as anxiety, trauma, depression, cross addiction and mental health is common practice. The teamwork intensively with clients to provide them with the tools to grow in confidence and to continue their recovery from addiction without having to use substances to cope with life.

Oasis Communities Runcorn is a safe and secure environment where clients are able to explore their own issues with highly skilled and qualified staff, within a structured programme. We have a therapeutic community that offers a wealth of psychosocial interventions including group therapy, one to ones, workshops, education, and alternative therapies including music, drama, art and dance. All the counsellors at rehab are integrative meaning they use different approaches to provide the very best of treatment to clients, including CBT, MI, person-centred, psychodynamic and NLP. Treatment is individually tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of each client. Unlike other treatment centres, we do not limit our one to ones and will provide more when it is clearly in the best interests of the client.


Oasis Communities Runcorn is located within a town, which unlike many other rehabilitation settings enables our clients to remain ‘in touch’ with society and some of the days to day sights and sounds of real life. Though protected by our rules and environment, clients are not subject to the traditional ‘bubble’, which can often result in a ‘culture shock’ on leaving treatment to return home. Clients are able to attend town regularly when we deem it is safe for them to do so.

Choice of Programme

Oasis Communities Runcorn is unique in offering two different options of the programme for our clients to follow in their recovery. The first of these is the 12 step model, a tried and tested method of recovery first established by Alcoholics Anonymous in the 1930s. This model emphasises the need for addicts/alcoholics to ask for help outside of themselves and guides them to incorporate a set of spiritual principles in life in order to combat addiction. Our second model, the Strengths Programme, emphasises the individual’s own internal strengths and encourages change from a mental perspective. Either on assessment or arrival clients choose, with guidance and assistance from staff if needed, which model they believe will be best suited to their individual circumstances, needs and preference.

Detoxification Treatment

At our clinic, we offer a community style detoxification process for those in need of physical addiction to alcohol /drugs.

Oasis Communities Runcorn assists clients with the detoxification from Alcohol, Heroin, Opiates, Methadone, Club drugs, designer drugs, Crack, Cocaine, Cannabis and prescription drugs.

Upon admission, our doctor will assess clients in need of a detox, and a medication regime will be written up to assist and support the individual through this process. We will do all we can to make your stay at Oasis communities Runcorn as comfortable as possible

Secondary Treatment

Secondary treatment is a fantastic opportunity for those who need to need more help and support with their recovery. It enables clients to apply the knowledge and tools they have gained from primary care in a safe and planned way. Real confidence, for many clients, takes time to build and facing life without using substances is a daunting prospect for many.

Secondary treatment at Oasis Communities Runcorn supports clients in beginning to work on their own ‘Personal Recovery Portfolio’. The Personal Recovery Portfolio is a file containing various worksheets and articles designed to assist and empower clients to identify and set their own life goals (both in the short and long-term), explore the obstacles that may hinder them to achieving them and identifying how these obstacles can be successfully overcome.

Clients in secondary care will continue to engage in process groups and 1:1 counselling sessions and will continue to work on the issues raised during primary care treatment. They will also undertake written assignments as determined by the therapeutic team. We support our Secondary Care clients into a routine of completing a ‘daily review’, examining their thinking and behaviour for the day and identifying where progress still needs to be made.

Secondary Care assists and supports the individual in seeking external voluntary work with local organisations and training/educational courses with local providers. This provides them with the life skills and qualifications required in preparation for future employment.


Complimentary aftercare is available to all those that successfully graduate from treatment, for the period of 12 month. Sessions are held on a weekly basis in order to further support their recovery journey in a compassionate way, focussing on the long-term solution, beyond treatment.

Upon leaving rehab, clients can receive assistance in maintaining their sobriety or clean time through the aftercare process, and are strongly advised to undertake their personalised aftercare plan developed at Oasis Communities Runcorn

Aftercare assists in the transition from addictive addiction to dealing with life on life’s terms, and allows for continued personal growth.

Sober Living Accommodation

For many years, we have been referring our clients to a network of sober living communities, throughout the UK. We boast established and successful relationships with providers, to assist clients in relocating or building upon their foundation of recovery. We provide each individual with a support plan, designed to help them maintain good general health, preserve abstinence, build on therapeutic experience, enjoy worthwhile social outlets and move towards full reintegration into the community.

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