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Oasis Recovery Communities Runcorn offers a full medically assisted detox for those suffering from dependency to alcohol or alcohol abuse problem. Alcoholism is medically recognised as a chronic relapsing brain condition; it requires specialist help and treatment to overcome.

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Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine abuse, dependency and addiction has been on the rise in the UK for the last 20 years. It is now more socially acceptable than ever to use coke and is even glorified in popular culture. Addiction can affect anyone and often escalates without warning

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Crack Cocaine

Crack is the more powerful and addictive version of powder cocaine. It was once the preserve of the lower classes but is now used by all echelons of society. It is readily available across the UK and its relatively low price makes it accessible to all

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Eating Disorders

As part of the UK Addiction Treatment family, Oasis Runcorn is able to treat anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and more. Eating disorders are on the rise in the UK and getting treatment at a young age is now more commonplace than ever

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Dual diagnosis

Dual diagnosis is the term used when an individual is suffering from both a mental health illness and addiction or substance abuse problem at the same time. Oasis Recovery Communities Runcorn are very experienced and have the resources to treat both conditions simultaneously and successfully.

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Heroin addiction

Users can become physically addicted to heroin instantly and withdrawal is extremely uncomfortable and can be dangerous if not managed appropriately. Many users end up trapped in the cycle of using to avoid withdrawal. As their tolerance to the drug grows (which it does quickly), they find they need more and more to gain the same effects.

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Gambling addiction

Oasis Recovery Communities Runcorn offers a complete abstinence and rehabilitation programme for those suffering from an addiction to gambling. We use a combination of powerful and proven talking and holistic therapies to treat the root causes of the addiction and to provide the individual with a set of recovery tools that they can apply in their daily lives.

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Prescription drugs

Prescription drug abuse or addiction is defined as self-medicating using a prescription medication that has not been prescribed for the individual for a genuine medical condition, purchased from the internet or black market and used for its euphoric effects.

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Sex and love addiction

Oasis Recovery Communities Runcorn offer a comprehensive treatment programme for those suffering from sex and love addiction. Sex and love addiction is actually very common, but due to the shame and guilt that the individuals suffer, it is rare that they ask for help. Like with all other addictions, the individual has to reach their own emotional rock bottom; this is brought about through the pain of their own consequences and often through hurting their loved ones.

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Oasis Recovery Communities Runcorn understand the full impact of unresolved trauma and therefore takes its treatment very seriously. We use a number of processing and healing treatment methodologies that are proven to be effective in treating unresolved trauma.

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