Rehab for Sex and Love Addiction

Oasis Recovery Communities Runcorn offer a comprehensive treatment programme for those suffering from sex and love addiction. Sex and love addiction are very common, but due to the shame and guilt that the individuals suffer it is rare that they ask for help. Like with all other addictions, the individual has to reach their emotional rock bottom; this is brought about through the pain of their consequences and often through hurting their loved ones.

Sex and love addiction is a process addiction, where an individual becomes addicted to the euphoric feelings attached to a particular activity. It can carry the same devastating consequences as an addiction to alcohol or drugs and should be considered no less serious.

Oasis Recovery Communities Runcorn offer a safe and non-judgements place where the individual can abstain from all the related behaviours and begin their journey to a full and lasting recovery. We are experts in treating all manner of addictions and only use evidenced-based treatment methodologies to treat the root causes of the addiction and to help the individual to recover fully.

Signs and Symptoms of Sex and Love Addiction

Those that suffer from this chronic illness often require professional intervention and treatment to get well. Sex and love addiction are far more complex than just having a love for sex or falling in love. They are compelled to seek out sex and love regardless of consequences or harm to themselves or others. Below is a set of characteristics that typically relate to this particular addiction:

Sex addiction

  • Chronic, obsessive sexual thoughts and fantasies
  • Frequent sexual activity with multiple partners, including strangers
  • Lying and cheating to cover their addiction from others
  • Preoccupation with having sex and planning liaisons
  • Unable to stop or control the behaviours, even when it is impacting negatively on their relationships, work, finances and mental or sexual health
  • Putting oneself or others in danger due to sexual behaviour and increased risk taking
  • Seeking out more and riskier types of sex and seedy behaviour to satisfy their compulsion
  • Engaging in illegal sexual activity with prostitutes or minors
  • Need for dominance and control during sexual encounters
  • Feelings of remorse, guilt, shame and emptiness after sex
  • Other negative personal or professional consequences
  • Loss of interest in partners, family and friends
  • Neglect of personal responsibilities and self-care
  • Highly sexed but unable to find long-term satisfaction through sex

If you or a loved one are worried you may be suffering from sex addiction; the above characteristics will help you to identify if this is the case.

Love addiction

  • When not in a relationship, compulsively seeking sex and using fantasy to fill the loneliness
  • Choosing partners who are emotionally unavailable and verbally or physically abusive
  • Choosing partners who they try to fix and who they give their all to, but are emotionally incapable of meeting their basic needs
  • A history of failed and abusive relationships
  • Participating in activities that don’t interest them and compromising their inner values to please a partner
  • Neglecting family and friends and responsibilities as a result of ploughing all their time and effort obsessively into a partner
  • Unable to spend time alone without a partner, consumed by feelings of loneliness and hopelessness
  • Using sex, seduction, blackmail and manipulation to keep hold of a partner
  • Using sex or romantic intensity to block out difficult experiences or emotions
  • Using anonymous sex, porn, or compulsive masturbation to avoid “needing” someone, thereby avoiding all relationships
  • Finding it difficult or impossible to leave unhealthy or abusive relationships despite repeated promises to oneself or others to do so
  • Repeatedly returning to previously unmanageable or painful relationships despite promises to themselves or others to not do so
  • Keeping secrets around the reality of their relationships so as not be challenged by others with the truth
  • Tolerating and justifying unacceptable behaviour from partners, due to crippling low self-esteem
  • Blaming themselves for partners abusive and controlling behaviours
  • Intense fear of never meeting the right person and being alone
  • The tendency to interpret any kind of attention (good or bad) for love
  • Self-neglect as a result of tending to others needs first

How Is Sex and Love Addiction Treated?

Oasis Recovery Communities Runcorn has years of experience in successfully treating all manner of addictions and its common co-occurring illness. We offer some powerful and effective treatment methodologies designed to bring about a complete change in the addicts thinking and therefore their subsequent actions.

We use evidence-based talking therapies to unearth and treat the root causes of each patient’s addiction. We also offer some powerful holistic based treatments, such as physical fitness, creative therapy and spiritual development. In essence, our treatment programmes are designed to treat the mind, body and spirit.

Each person is treated as a whole and on a very individualised basis. By undergoing a sex and love addiction rehabilitation programme with us, the individual will benefit from the following therapies proven to be successful in its treatment:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Dialectical behavioural therapy
  • 12 Step Therapy / Strengths recovery programme
  • Individual Counselling sessions
  • Meditation
  • Fitness programme
  • Mindfulness

How Long Does Treatment Last?

The length of the programme that will be most effective will be dependent on the individual’s mental and physical state when they admit to us and if there are any other addictions present that require treatment. We recommend our 12-week primary care programme so that that firm foundation can be put in place for lasting recovery. There is no quick fix for any addiction.

As a chronic relapsing brain disease (as recognised by Public Health England) clients who opt for a short programme are at higher risk of relapse, our longer-term programmes provide the patient with the opportunity to benefit from additional therapy. There is also the opportunity for Secondary care and Tertiary care/ sober living accommodation within our therapeutic community.

This further helps the patient to reintegrate back into society and day-to-day living without outside pressures and allows them space and time to put into practice what they have learned during the intensive period of primary care treatment. Throughout Secondary and Tertiary care they will remain within our supportive environment and receive further counselling, educational and training opportunities.

Most individuals that suffer from Sex and Love addiction also have co-dependency issues and suffer from cripplingly low self-esteem. This can have a huge impact on how they handle their emotions and personal relationships with others. We treat the root causes of the addiction by using a combination of power treatment methodologies.

With the addiction removed, in their natural state, we can work on rebuilding their self-esteem and self-worth and show them effective methods of how to take care of themselves first and foremost and how to foster a new healthier belief system. During the initial stages of treatment, with the addiction removed, it is likely they will feel exceptionally vulnerable and uncomfortable.

We will do all we can to support and motivate them through this period of abstinence and help them to see that there is a beautiful life ahead of them, outside of the pain and misery of addiction. For those with a dual addiction, co-occurring illness or substance dependency, we will ensure that all illnesses are presenting, are treated simultaneously for maximum impact.

Many patients recoil in fear at the thought of long-term rehabilitation, worried about how it will affect their work, finances and loved ones. Sex and love addiction can and does kill. It is a relatively short period in the grand scheme of life if it means they can leave treatment with the confidence and tools required to stay abstinent from destructive behaviours on a permanent basis.

Is Sex And Love Addiction Curable?

Addiction in any form is not curable. However, it is completely treatable. It can be successfully arrested, and permanent recovery maintained from there. If individual suffering with an addiction to Sex and Love addiction relapses, they are very likely to end up losing everything and end up in the same position that they were in before, or worse.

Addiction is a deadly and progressive illness, and over any given period, consequences only get bigger and more serious. Those that suffer from Sex and Love addiction struggle to engage in healthy relationships with others and with themselves; this can lead them to become very depressed, isolated and even suicidal.

There needs to be an acceptance in the individual that they cannot ever resort to their addiction again and that a complete change in thinking and lifestyle is required for them to stay abstinent; this is achievable one day at a time by using the tools of recovery that they are taught while in treatment.

Our rehabs work very intensively with the individual to help them understand and accept that they are suffering from addiction and that it is only through the process of change and personal growth that they will be able to stay abstinent. Furthermore, we will show them exactly what it is that they need to do to maintain recovery.

Abstinence does not mean that they can never have sex or a relationship again, but it does mean abstaining until they can fully apply the tools of recovery and learn to love themselves first and foremost.

How Effective Is Our Rehab Programme?

We deliver a cutting edge and very comprehensive person-centred treatment programme that is very effective in treating love and sex addiction. By attending Oasis recovery Communities Runcorn, the addiction is immediately removed. They will benefit from a safe and nurturing haven away from temptation, where they are supported 24/7 by experienced professionals.

Furthermore, they will undergo an intensive, personalised rehabilitation programme that will assist them in staying abstinent and in rebuilding their lives and relationships. Our Sex and Love addiction rehab programme is designed to treat each on a personal level dependent on their individual treatment needs and to tackle the root causes of their addiction. While in our rehab they will receive expert help and treatment delivered by our experienced Doctors, Counsellors, holistic therapists and support workers.

Our therapeutic community helps each patient to benefit from the power of supporting like-minded individuals, who not judge and understand the thoughts, feelings and challenges they are likely to experience during the recovery process. Rehab is without a doubt the most effective treatment available for Sex and Love addicts that are unable to control their impulsive and destructive behaviours in the community.

Oasis Recovery Communities Runcorn also offer each patient, that completes a primary care programme, 12 months complimentary aftercare; this helps the individual to stay engaged in the recovery process, receive support from peers with whom they attended treatment with and the opportunity to benefit from further counselling and input.

For further information on our sex and love addiction programme or to discuss your circumstance and find out how we can help, please call us or chat to us live in confidence now!

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