Oasis Runcorn Addiction Treatment Programme

Medical Detox
Oasis Recovery Communities Runcorn is fully equipped to facilitate professionally monitored detoxes for alcohol and all types of addictive drugs. We recommend an intensive rehabilitation programme follows this immediately, in order to safeguard against relapse.
Personalised Plan
We tailor each treatment plan to the individual’s specific dietary, physical, emotional and therapeutic treatment requirements. We will do all we can to assist you in making a full and permanent recovery from your illness.
Dual Diagnosis
We are also able to treat those suffering from co-occurring illnesses such as anxiety disorder, depression, PTSD and OCD. Treating all illnesses presenting simultaneously has been proven to be the most effective path to a full and permanent recovery.
Therapeutic Models
Oasis Recovery Communities Runcorn is unique in that it offers our clients a choice of two therapeutic recovery models they can follow. Our Strengths programme and 12 Step programme are highly successful in treating both addiction and co-occurring illnesses.
Food & Nutrition
We aid in each individual’s physical rehabilitation by assisting them with choosing a healthy balanced diet and encouraging them to put the correct nutrients in so they they will reap the benefits.
The price of not getting help

What happens to people suffering with an addiction is often devastating for both the addict and their families. We at Oasis Recovery Communities can help you and your loved ones overcome addiction.

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Our Level of Care at Oasis Recovery Communities
Levels of care

We take pride in the way we treat and care for our clients.

Below is the process our clients go through:

  • IMD inpatient medical detox
  • IR inpatient rehabilitation
  • RT residential treatment
  • SC secondary care
  • TC 3rd stage housing referrals
  • 24/7 care

Call us or write to us for full information about our treatment services and available programmes.

Don’t waste another day on addiction

We will assess your situation and offer you the most suitable programme to let you detox and heal from your addiction, improving your health and your relationship with the ones you love.

Free Callback Service

Use our free callback service to get in touch with our team.
After leaving us your contact details, one of our experts will call you to discuss further assessment and eventual admissions.

Fitness Programme
Family Programme
Holistic therapy
Therapy types at Oasis

We work in a holistic way here and we offer multiple modalities to try and get clients involved and working on their own recovery.

Strengths programme

Strengths offers elements of mindfulness and connection to the individual’s spirit and to the outside world. It is a programme that we have found to be a very powerful treatment alternative for those who do not wish to follow 12 step.

Trauma therapy

Our patients can discover the original causes for their addictions. We use proven therapeutic models to unearth and treat the root causes of each individual’s addiction. This assists them in their long term recovery

Art Therapy

Active addiction robs many addicts of their creativity; we use Art Therapy to help the individual to reconnect with their creative side and learn to express themselves through the beauty of art. It offers many therapeutic benefits and furthermore is highly enjoyable for most.


Or staff are qualified and proficient in delivering person centred Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). This treatment methodology has been practiced for many years and is a proven treatment for addiction and a number of mental health issues.

12 Step

We believe in the transformative powers of 12 Step and so help our patients gain an understanding of the programme and lay the basic foundations. 12 Step is easily accessible around the world and so can be a used as a continuation of their recovery when they leave treatment


Meditation has been proven to be effective in treating the mind, body and spirit. Assisting the individual to connect to their true authentic selves and find peace within

Start The Admissions Process Now

Simply give us a call and we will guide you through the process.


Strict client confidentiality policy is in place.

Lifetime support

On completing treatment we offer lifetime support for your recovery.

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