Alcohol rehab and drug rehab in Winsford


What is the Prevalence of Drug and Alcohol Addiction near Winsford?

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), in Cheshire West and Chester, 35 people succumbed to drug poisoning in 2021. Moreover, 30 drug-related deaths were registered in Cheshire East. 

Alcohol-specific data from the ONS revealed that around 1,963 people died due to various alcohol-related causes in Cheshire in the last quarter of 2020 (October to December). It was the highest in 20 years.

In line with the above numbers, drug and alcohol rehabilitation is the need of the hour. It helps people cease dependence on substances, allowing them to lead a happy and healthy life. 

Has somebody you care for fallen prey to addiction? Do not get disheartened. You can always seek help with rehabilitation. UKAT rehab clinics near Winsford offer comprehensive assessment, dedicated addiction programmes, 24/7 care and support by certified professionals, and aftercare sessions.

Why Choose Oasis Runcorn for Rehabilitation near Winsford?

UKAT has several drug and alcohol rehab clinics across the United Kingdom. These include Oasis Bradford, Recovery Lighthouse, Oasis Runcorn, Linwood House, Liberty House, Primrose Lodge, Banbury Lodge, and Sanctuary Lodge.

It is very easy to reach Oasis Runcorn from Winsford via Northwich Rd/A533. It takes just 30 minutes to cover around 17 miles.

The location of the clinic in a quaint and secluded yet well-connected area is another plus point. It safely shelters clients from possible triggers while letting them open their minds and souls to receive addiction treatment.

The centre allows clients to go out with family or the support staff. It makes them feel joyful. At Oasis Runcorn near Winsford, the staff believe that when a person is happy, they welcome all good energies to fill them up. It works as a catalyst in healing.

Most importantly, the team works with clients to equip them with the tools to beat addiction and regain control of their lives with full zest.

Your loved one will benefit from the following features at this rehab facility near Winsford:

  • 24/7 admission 
  • Aftercare sessions
  • 22 bedrooms 
  • Therapeutic community
  • Beautiful outdoor space
  • Delicious and wholesome meals 
  • Reasonable treatment plans 

Pictures of Oasis Runcorn

Here are some photographs of Oasis Runcorn near Winsford. Hopefully, these pictures will give you a sense of the rehab clinic:

Oasis Runcorn facilities - outdoor area

Oasis Runcorn facilities - rehab therapy room

Oasis Runcorn facilities - bedroom facility

Treatments Offered at Oasis Runcorn near Winsford

Oasis Runcorn offers individual-centric treatment programmes for drug and alcohol addiction.

The team of compassionate and experienced counsellors, therapists, and support workers also manages behavioural problems, such as eating disorders, addiction to the internet, gambling, sex, and love. 

Most people with addiction often develop co-occurring ailments like stress, depression, and anxiety because of various reasons. The team also offers dual diagnosis in such cases. 

The list of treatments available at Oasis Runcorn near Winsford includes the following:

Oasis Runcorn near Winsford: Valuable Reviews from Clients

Clients trust the centre for its dedication and quality of care. Here are some client reviews for your reference:

“Detox and thorough rehabilitation programme delivered in an understandable way which has helped me greatly.” – M001


“I have achieved everything what I have come to Oasis for and have been supported by all the staff at Oasis.” – Kaz


“My stay at Oasis has been extremely successful and I feel very well prepared to continue my recovery. All the staff have been very helpful and friendly throughout.” – Stuart


Local Addiction Support Groups near Winsford

If you think a paid residential rehab clinic near Winsford is not an option, you can always go for the free addiction support groups. Here is a list of some reliable sources:

Alcoholics Anonymous near Winsford

Winsford Big Book Study/Experience, Strength & Hope 

St Josephs RC Church, 

Woodford Lane,

Time: Wednesday, 19:00 

Postcode: CW7 2JS

First Middlewich 

St Marys RC Church, King St

Time: Tuesday, 20:00 

Postcode: CW10 9EB

Middlewich Small Room 

St Mary’s Parish Centre, King St

Time: Friday, 13:00 

Postcode: CW10 9EB

Narcotics Anonymous near Winsford

Hyde Meeting

Thornley House Medical Centre

Thornley Street

Hyde, Cheshire

SK14 1JY

Time: Sunday, 16:00 

Basic Text Group

Main Room

Making Space

46 Allen Street


Cheshire WA2 7JB

Time: Sunday, 19:30

Widnes Unity


St Johns Church

134 Greenway Road

Widnes North


Cheshire WA8 6HA

Time: Sunday, 19:30

Cocaine Anonymous near Winsford

Cocaine Anonymous

Trinity Methodist Church

Westwood House

7-9 Wagg St

Congleton CW12 4BA

UK Cheshire

Time: Sunday, 19:00

It’s time

Elim Christian Life Centre

Parsonage St

Macclesfield SK11 7GY

UK Cheshire

Time: Monday, 19:00

A Quiet Peace

The Old Council House

Church Rd

Northwich CW9 5PD

UK Cheshire

Time: Monday, 19:30 

Travelling to Oasis Runcorn from Winsford

Winsford sits in the core of Cheshire, with Liverpool and Manchester at an equal distance from the town. It is a civil parish with friendly and warm people around. It is also close to the River Weaver. The best part of Winsford is that it is seamlessly connected to prominent destinations in and around the county. Here’s how you can travel to Oasis Runcorn from Winsford: 

  • By train: The distance between Winsford and Runcorn via train is around 14 miles. So, it takes about 18 minutes to travel from Winsford to Runcorn. The timing of the first train is 04:42, while the last train arrives at 21:45. The frequency of the trains is 19 per day.
  • By road: You can travel from Winsford to Oasis Runcorn via three routes—Northwich Rd/A533, A557, and Norley Rd & A557. The fastest route of the three is via Northwich Rd/A533. It takes 30 minutes to cover 16.8 miles.

Finding a Rehab Clinic near Winsford

Has addiction hit the person you dote on? When the fight is with addiction, every hour counts. Connect with us to Get Help Now!