Alcohol rehab and drug rehab in Trafford


Rate of Substance Addiction In Trafford, Greater Manchester


Have you ever thought that drugs can be delivered quicker than pizza? Well, it is the reality of Greater Manchester as per a former addict who revealed to the Manchester Evening News. The article reported 368 deaths in 2021 related to drug abuse.


According to the Office for National Statistics, Trafford witnessed 23 drug-related deaths in 2021. The numbers were higher than the previous year. This spike in deaths from substance abuse is frightening.


But fret not. If you or a loved one wishes to lead a healthier life, there is always a way. Visit the UK Addiction Treatment (UKAT) facility near Trafford. Our comprehensive programmes are customisable to suit your recovery needs.

What Makes Oasis Recovery Runcorn An Ideal Choice For Rehabilitation In Trafford


UKAT in the United Kingdom runs a network of eight rehabilitation facilities. You can seek support in any of these: Liberty House, Primrose Lodge, Sanctuary Lodge, Linwood House, Banbury Lodge, Recovery Lighthouse, Oasis Bradford and Oasis Runcorn.


Oasis Recovery Runcorn is a primary rehabilitation facility near Trafford. Our exceptional care is represented through the high rating of the Care Quality Commission (CQC).


The staff at this facility are extremely experienced. With their 24/7 guidance and constant supervision, you will be in a safe and secure environment.


The facility being close to a coastline area, you are far from trigger zones and close to nature. The calm, non-judgemental environment lets you recover at your own pace. It is also at a convenient distance from the Trafford area. All you have to do is cover 25 miles from Trafford to reach the rehabilitation centre. You can reach it in 40 minutes.


Other facilities include:


  • Immediate admission
  • 22 comfortable rooms
  • Outdoor recreation area
  • Freshly prepared meals
  • Sober transport services
  • 12-month free aftercare

Pictures of Oasis Recovery Runcorn

Take a look inside the facility through these pictures:

Oasis Runcorn facilities - outdoor area

Oasis Runcorn facilities - rehab therapy room

Oasis Runcorn facilities - bedroom facility

Treatment Options At Oasis Recovery Runcorn Near Trafford

This rehabilitation facility, near Trafford, is renowned for the treatment of alcohol and drug addictions. The experts treat substance addiction through multiple programmes. We start your treatment with medical detoxification followed by a rehabilitation programme.


Among our rehabilitation programmes, the 12-Step Programme and Strengths Programme are the most effective. We also use other holistic approaches to help you with the transitional phase. 


In addition, this addiction treatment facility near Trafford also has treatment options for behavioural addictions like gambling, sex and the internet and eating disorders.


The rehabilitation treatment plans of this facility near Trafford include:

What Are Client Opinions About Oasis Recovery Runcorn Near Trafford


This facility near Trafford provides an affordable treatment plan to everyone. With year-round admission and seamless support, you receive the necessary assistance whenever needed. Take a closer look at what our clients have to say.


“The staff and peers was amazing in the centre met some amazing people who have truly inspired me and my therapist kerry is just the best.” – Nicola


“staff, management and the team are excellent , everything in place for the well being of each client , helpful compassionate and caring!” – Debbie


“Amazing staff and the care is excellent. Made the start of my recovery a lot easier than expected and had support since entering my treatment.” – Tom


Free Addiction Support Groups In Trafford


If private rehabilitation facilities are expensive and seem inaccessible, do not panic. You can receive the right support on your rehabilitation journey. There are several addiction support groups in the Trafford area. You can even attend the meetings for free. Here are some options to look at.

Alcoholics Anonymous in Trafford

Sale 1 


Avenue Methodist Church, Wincham Rd

Time: 19.30 



Greenfield Church, Primrose Ave, Urmston

Time: 20.15



Altrincham Methodist Church, Barrington Rd

Time: 19.30 

Narcotics Anonymous in Trafford, Greater Manchester

Sunday Literature Meeting

Greater Manchester Area


Time: 16:30

Twelve Monkeys Beginners Meeting


The Mustard Tree

110 Oldham Road

Time: 18:00

Cocaine Anonymous In Trafford, Greater Manchester

Oldham Hope, Faith and Courage


257 Manchester Rd
Oldham OL8 4RH

Time: 19:30

Travelling To Oasis Recovery Runcorn From Trafford


Trafford is a metropolitan borough in Greater Manchester, England. The borough is home to many attractions like Old Trafford, the home stadium of Manchester United Football Club, and the Trafford Centre. Dunham Massey and the Imperial War Museum North are also among other notable landmarks in Trafford. 


Trafford is connected to other parts of the county through different means of transport. If you are thinking about how to travel from Trafford to the facility, here are some ways:


  • By car: The most direct way to travel between Trafford and Oasis Runcorn is by car. The journey via M56 is approximately 25 miles and takes around 40 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. You can also navigate your way from Trafford via M62. 
  • Public Transportation: Take a train from Altrincham Interchange to Piccadilly Station. From there, take another to Runcorn Station, which is the nearest to the facility. The journey takes around 2 hours. Once you arrive at Runcorn Station, you can take a taxi or walk to the facility.

Find A Rehabilitation Centre Near Trafford

Rehabilitation can be a life-changing experience with the right help and support. If you or a loved one needs help to take the first step towards a healthier and happier life, contact Oasis Runcorn near Trafford today.