Alcohol rehab and drug rehab in Prestwich


Drug and alcohol addiction: Current scenario in and around Prestwich

According to a report published in a local daily, a 46-year-old man from Prestwich died in October 2022 after several types of drugs were found in his body, especially heroin and cocaine.  

In 2021, as many as 368 drug-specific deaths were reported in Greater Manchester, according to a leading online news website. 

Moreover, another research revealed – alcohol and drug misuse-related deaths in Bury (5.3 miles from Prestwich) were the highest in the country in 2020. The stats are startling indeed.

Although the numbers are alarming, with proper rehabilitation services, there is hope. Always remember, if there are concerning statistics, there are also success stories – just like the one below:

So, if you have a loved one or someone dealing with addiction who needs help, reliable rehabilitation services near Prestwich are worth choosing.

UKAT rehab centres near Prestwich offer dependable and financially viable addiction treatment programmes. 

We understand that the process of rehabilitation varies from one person to another, depending on various factors. These include personal situations, overall health, the nature of addiction, and attitude. Therefore, our programmes are designed to address the individual needs of a person.

Why is Oasis Runcorn the best rehab clinic near Prestwich?

UKAT is a leading drug and alcohol rehab provider with a nationwide network of rehab centres, including Oasis Runcorn, Oasis Bradford, Recovery Lighthouse, Linwood House, Banbury Lodge, Liberty House, Sanctuary Lodge, and Primrose Lodge.

Do you live in Prestwich and looking for a rehab clinic nearby that ensures your loved one stays away from the worries and temptations yet does not feel isolated? Oasis Runcorn is the best choice for you.

Oasis Runcorn is only 31.5 miles from Prestwich via M62, which means a 45 minutes drive to reach the clinic. Your near and dear ones will benefit from the peaceful and welcoming environment backed by state-of-the-art facilities and structured treatment plans at Oasis Runcorn near Prestwich.

Whatever addiction your loved one is dealing with, our experienced team will always ensure that all patients are looked after and treated according to their illness. Our clinical and support staff make the process safe and manageable while preparing the clinic for rehabilitation and therapeutic support.

Here are a few more reasons to choose Oasis Runcorn near Prestwich as your loved one’s rehab partner:

  • Quick admission
  • 22 well-decorated bedrooms 
  • Plenty of outside space for fresh air
  • Various therapy rooms
  • Wholesome meals 
  • Complimentary aftercare services
  • Budget-friendly treatment programmes

Pictures of Oasis Runcorn

Getting a primary idea about a rehab facility is always a good idea. The following photos will help you understand how Oasis Runcorn near Prestwich looks from the inside and outside:

Oasis Runcorn facilities - outdoor area

Oasis Runcorn facilities - rehab therapy room

Oasis Runcorn facilities - bedroom facility

What conditions Are Treated at Oasis Runcorn near Prestwich?

At Oasis Runcorn near Prestwich, we offer a range of addiction services depending on what our clients need. From on-site drug and alcohol detoxification and high-end residential rehab to complimentary aftercare services, we ensure the best way possible. 

Apart from substance addiction, we treat behavioural issues, such as eating disorders, love and sex addiction, internet addiction, and gambling at Oasis Runcorn near Prestwich. 

As far as treatment options are concerned, we provide the following programmes depending on the recovery requirements of our clients:

Oasis Runcorn near Prestwich: First-hand Client Experiences

At Oasis Runcorn near Prestwich, we are always keen to demonstrate how our structured treatment plans and proficient team are helping individuals and families get out of the throes of addiction. Let’s find out how successful we are through these reviews from former patients.

“I have achieved everything what I have come to Oasis for and have been supported by all the staff at Oasis.” – Kaz


“My stay at Oasis has been extremely successful and I feel very well prepared to continue my recovery. All the staff have been very helpful and friendly throughout.” – Stuart


“It’s been good staying here and been made very welcome by all the staff at Oasis Runcorn.” – Paul C

Local addiction support groups near Prestwich

If you are looking for reliable local addiction support groups in Prestwich, here is a list for you:

Alcoholics Anonymous near Prestwich 

Manchester The Big Breakfast 

Aliya Youth Centre, 469 Bury New Rd 

(Corner of Moor Lane and Bury New Road)

Time: Wednesday, 07:15

Postcode: M7 3NG


St Michaels Parish Hall, 

Ribble Drive, Whitefield

Time: Friday, 19:30 

Postcode: M45 8NJ


St Michaels Parish Hall, 

Ribble Drive, Whitefield

Time: Wednesday, 19:30 

Postcode: M45 8NJ

Narcotics Anonymous near Prestwich 

Sunday Literature Meeting

Phoenix Mill

20 Piercy Street



Greater Manchester

M4 7HY

Time: Sunday, 16:30

A Basic Meeting

St Stephens Church

Belbeck Street



Greater Manchester


Time: Sunday, 17:30 

Wigan Just For Today

1st Floor

Purposed Life Church

Turner Street


Greater Manchester

Time: Sunday, 18:00

Cocaine Anonymous near Prestwich 

Cocaine Anonymous

Aliya Youth Centre

469 Bury New Rd

Salford M7

UK Manchester

Time: Sunday, 18:00

Sunday Night Discussion

Christ Church

Darley Ave

Manchester M20 2ZD

UK Manchester

Time: Sunday, 18:30

Salford Monday Lunchtime

Aliya Youth Centre

469 Bury New Rd

Salford M7

UK Manchester

Time: Monday, Noon 

Travelling to Oasis Runcorn from Prestwich

Prestwich is a decent suburban area in the Metropolitan Borough of Bury, Greater Manchester. It is around 3.3 miles, 3.1 miles, and 4.7 miles from Manchester city centre, Salford, and Bury, respectively. With a mix of amazing transportation facilities, peaceful localities, and parks, Prestwich is a great suburb to live in. 

  • By road: The best routes to travel to Oasis Runcorn from Prestwich include motorways M62, M56, and M60 & M62. M62 covers nearly 31.5 miles in 42 minutes. It is the fastest route.
  • By train: The best way to travel to Oasis Runcorn from Prestwich is to get to Manchester (5.2 miles from Prestwich) and take a train to Runcorn. The journey takes around 2 hours and 21 minutes to cover a distance of 23 miles. The frequency of the trains is pretty good, with 168 trains per day.

Finding a rehab clinic near Prestwich

Seeing a loved one in the grip of addiction is indeed painful. Why not be the guiding star and help them find the right treatment and support they deserve? Connect with us and get help now!