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The Oasis Runcorn Recovery Team

Faith Noone - CQC Registered Manager
Faith Noone
CQC Registered Manager
Faith joined UKAT in November 2020 as an addiction counsellor. Her previous roles included supporting adult survivors of Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking utilising her transferable counselling skills from her Integrative Counselling Degree (BsC Hons).
Faith recently was an advocate for UKAT and appeared on BBC 1 The One Show in a piece on gaming addiction. Faith was promoted in July 2021 to Senior Counsellor. Faith works from an integrative approach and utilises various therapeutic approaches to work with her clients. Faith has now transitioned to the role of Centre Manager and is passionate about providing safe, effective care for all clients who enter the centre
Siana Sumner - Administrator
Siana Sumner
Siana started at Oasis Runcorn back in March 2019 as housekeeper. After 4 months Siana began to help out on the Support side and thrived each day.
Siana then took on the role as Centre Administrator in November 2020. Siana still continues to support the clients even if it’s just helping in the background. Siana also loves to get involved in facilitating groups with our clients. Siana is currently studying her Counselling diploma and wishes to become an Addiction Therapist at Oasis Runcorn in the future.
Suzanne Bridge - Senior Addiction Therapist
Suzanne Bridge
Senior Addiction Therapist
Suzanne has practised as an Addiction Clinician since 2015. She has also worked in refugee camps, operated a mobile needle exchange for sex workers in red light districts and saunas, and with survivors of domestic and sexual abuse.
For three years, Suzanne was based in New Zealand, delivering therapeutic recovery programs to Maori and Pasifika people in prison, rehab and the community. As a person in recovery, she is passionate about supporting people to re-discover their ‘authentic self,’ whilst challenging internal belief-systems and behaviours. Suzanne works with ‘connection’ and ‘trauma’ in the body, mind and spirit and treats PTSD and addiction at a cellular level as a NADA ear acupuncturist. Suzanne has worked at Oasis Runcorn since 2020 and believes in a ‘kindness first’ approach to working with marginalised and vulnerable groups of people. ‘If a person can be understood, he or she belongs’ – Carl Rogers
Rebecca Williams - Senior Support Worker
Rebecca Williams
Senior Support Worker
Rebecca is the Senior Support Worker at Oasis Runcorn, and has been at the centre since March 2021. Rebecca is responsible for leading the team of support workers to deliver best practice for our clients, by overseeing client admissions, and the distribution of medication and prescribed detox regimes.
Rebecca is person-centred with her staff and clients, and keeps their emotional and physical wellbeing central to her practice. With her own personal experiences of mental health and recovery, Rebecca understands that addiction is a multi-faceted problem, and is knowledgeable about the process of recovery, and brings this wisdom to her role.
Rebecca Fahey - Therapist
Rebecca Fahey
From a young age I struggled with my mental health and body image. I always knew that I wanted to help people who felt similar to how I have felt. Whilst studying to become a counsellor I volunteered with Childline and a homeless charity.
I Qualified as an integrative counsellor in 2017, after qualifying I worked in a drugs and alcohol rehabilitation centre supporting them at the end of their treatment to gain housing, volunteering roles and support in the community. I then went to work in a secure locked rehabilitation centre supporting people with mental health disorders such as paranoid schizophrenia, drug induced psychosis, PTSD, personality disorder and eating disorders. I found that my passion was working with people with addiction. I believe that there is always a reason people turn to mind altering substances to help them cope with life and I believe that everybody should be given the chance to reach their full potential. I feel grateful to be a part of each one of my client's recovery journeys.
Ian Smith - Addiction Therapist
Ian Smith
Addiction Therapist
Ian joined UKAT in April 2022 as an addiction therapist.
Ian is trained in CBT and DBT. Ian has worked in addiction and domestic abuse. Ian has also worked in private practice along with clients with various mental health issues.
Deana Gago-Cao - Chef
Deana Gago-Cao
Hello I am Deana A.K.A , Dee Chef at Oasis recovery Runcorn. N.V.Q L3 qualified in Hotel catering and Management.
Obviously I love cooking and still have the fire in my belly for it. I seem to be mostly appreciated for my soups. Watch out Heinze. This year I am making the commitment to be vegan. For all the usual reasons .Prevent suffering of animals ,environment and health. 5 years ago I played a big part in adding Vegan foods to the halls of residents at Manchester university. Not afraid of anything, I love white knuckle rides, the scarier the better. Appeared on don't Tell the Bride and I jumped out of a plane once, anyone looking for someone for a challenge, I'm your woman. On a more grounded note, I love walking the dog..also focusing my mind on producing anything to do with art.
Lee Pickett - Support Worker
Lee Pickett
Support Worker
My name is Lee Pickett and I joined UKAT in November 2021 as a recovery support worker. I am in recovery myself and live my recovery every day by practising the 12 steps of NA.
I have 2 years of clean time, I am dedicated and passionate about helping other addicts to find recovery. I am grateful to be working in a treatment centre where I can carry a recovery message to the clients every day in the hope that I can pass on what has been passed onto me and share my knowledge.
Casey Lalley-McDonnell - Recovery Support Worker
Casey Lalley-McDonnell
Recovery Support Worker
Casey joined UKAT in January 2022 as a recovery support worker at Oasis Runcorn. At the centre, Casey is responsible for being a first point of contact for new Admissions.
She monitors client’s medications and detox regimes and also supports clients with anything they may need during their stay here at Oasis. Her previous roles include: working with women and children who have been through the criminal justice system dealing with complex issues such as domestic violence, substance misuse and human trafficking as well as facilitiating groups for women as a part of their probation. Casey always has a person-centred approach and is very passionate about helping others reach their goals.
Ricky Childes - Recovery Support Worker
Ricky Childes
Recovery Support Worker
Ricky recently joined UKAT as a Recovery Support Worker. Ricky is a recovering addict with multiple years in recovery. He works a 12 step program and tries to apply it to his daily life.
Ricky has experience in working the 12 steps of Narcotics Anonymous also in security, Investigations, health & safety & first aid. He has personally struggled with addiction for many years but now feels he has the tools he needs to help himself stay drug free. Ricky is very passionate about recovery & very passionate about helping others in their recovery as he practices daily “they say we can only keep what we have by giving it away”.
Rachel Rathbone - Recovery Support Worker
Rachel Rathbone
Recovery Support Worker
Rachel joined UKAT in March 2022 as a Recovery Support Worker, she comes from a social care and civil service background.
Rachel has mainly worked in the community with service users with complex mental health care and co-morbid addiction. Rachel understands the need for individual support within a care setting and always strives to get to know the clients on an individual basis in order to tailor their care to their needs.
Andrew Jones - Recovery Coordinator
Andy Jones
Recovery Coordinator
Andy is in recovery himself with over 5 years of sobriety behind him, he is passionate about helping others on their journey and watching them grow and change.
The reason he joined Oasis was so that he could hopefully inspire others to find a new way to live like he found. Andy gives his all for the clients and is a firm believer in recovery and that anyone can recover.
Trevor Morgan - Recovery Coordinator
Trevor Morgan
Recovery Coordinator
Trevor is a Recovery Coordinator at Oasis Runcorn. At the centre, he is responsible for facilitating workshops, being a first point of contact for new admissions, and monitors client’s medications and detox regimes.
Trevor has lived experience in active addiction and has been through the journey of recovery from rehabilitation centres to living a life free from addiction in the community since 2016. Trevor has a working knowledge and understanding of what it takes to achieve abstinence.
Julie Rigby - Recovery Coordinator Bio
Julie Rigby
Recovery Coordinator
From her early working life Julie has always thrived at helping others, she believes fiercely that no individual or family need to continue suffering, the pain of addiction.
After finally finding sobriety herself 10 years ago, she made a promise to help others, and show not only the addict, but the families also affected by someone else’s use, that recovery is possible and how to find and live in the solution of addiction. Julie believes strongly that a person-centred approach is the most valuable therapeutic help and having worked many roles within a Health & Social Care setting, with individuals from a wide range across the social spectrum, she believes that treatment and services need to be as diverse as the people and communities we serve. “A lot of my using was about changing the way I felt however having endured serious illness, loss and deep emotional pain whilst in recovery, I have come to learn that experiencing the joy, happiness and true peace of never having to use again, shows me how to live, facing life on life’s terms without the use of drugs and alcohol”
Lindsay Humphreys - Housekeeper
Lindsay Humphreys
Lindsay has for many years worked to a high standard within both private and public sector facilities as senior Housekeeper.
Lindsay believes that a clean and tidy environment leads to a clean and tidy mind and that we are indeed a product of our environment. Lindsay is a popular member of the Oasis team with both staff and clients alike, you can be assured of a cheery hello and a heart-warming smile, wherever she is. Nothing is too much to ask of Lindsay and she takes much pride in her relationships with colleagues and clients as she does in keeping our centre to an excellent standard.
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