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Oasis Recovery Communities Runcorn understand that addiction doesn’t just affect the individual sufferer; and that’s why we offer the family recovery programme. Addiction has a far reaching ripple effect and is especially damaging to those closest to the addict. Partners, parents, siblings and children are usually the ones that suffer the most. Fear, frustration, anger and despair are commonly felt as their lives are taken over by the addict/alcoholic’s destructive and often selfish actions.

We firmly believe that the family must recover as a whole. We aim to educate families on addiction and how they can best heal themselves and best support their loved one on their return back home.

Our commitment

We are committed to our patients long term recovery; this means addressing any issues that may challenge them once they leave our inpatient care. By providing a Family Recovery Programme, we can assist the individual and their family in the process of rebuilding healthier relationships and moving away from destructive and unhelpful behaviours on both sides. Addiction is a family illness; all involved will need help and support. Loved ones often try to help the addict at the cost of their own well being. We address this through our family recovery programme and assist the family in getting the support they need in order to heal themselves.

The pain of loving an addict

There is no doubt that loving an addict or alcoholic is extremely painful and heart breaking; their self destructive and dysfunctional behaviours cause the family to feel resentment, guilt and blame. If the family are to move forward and heal, certain issues need to be aired and addressed and we assist with this in our safe and controlled environment.

Recovery is all about making positive changes; so with this in mind, the family too will need to make some changes in order to adapt and support their newly sober loved one and to learn how to take care of themselves and their own needs first.

For an addict or alcoholic, stopping the drink/drugs and destructive behaviors simply isn’t enough to regain trust and rebuild their personal relationships. Trust takes years to build and only a moment to destroy. Family and friends will have endured years of manipulation, lying, stealing and cheating at the hands of their loved one’s addiction. A simple sorry just isn’t sufficient. We educate our patients that they can only regain trust through their positive actions and by continuing to apply the principles we teach them for their recovery.

Some issues cannot be resolved as the damage is too great, but we have found, given time and the correct approach, an understanding can be reached and from there a new relationship can be built.

Our family recovery programme assists in clearing away some of the debris of the past and shows the family how they can be of real support to their loved one in moving forward, whilst still taking care of their own needs first. We aim to educate the family and help set them free from the constant fear and worry, enabling them to start living and enjoying their own lives once again

How addiction affects others

The first thing to comprehend about addiction is that it is no one’s fault and that it is an illness that requires specific treatment. Many family members blame themselves for their loved one’s addiction and spend years trying to save them. The addict becomes the focus; there is rarely a day that goes by when the family aren’t consumed with the fear of their loved one dying. This trauma will impact on each individual differently; some will disassociate themselves and detach, whilst others will go to extreme lengths to try and keep the addict safe.

Those that try to help the alcoholic/addict will pick up some of the addicts traits; they often go as far as lying to cover up for them, enabling them by giving them money or paying off debts. These behaviours are both unhelpful and destructive to both parties. There is only one thing that can save an alcoholic/addict and that is them finding the willingness to change and get well. This must come from within them and will only come when they reach a point where they feel they cannot continue as they are. When your loved one reaches this point, this is where professional help and intervention should be sought.

Healing the family

At Oasis Recovery Communities Runcorn we are able to facilitate an individual therapy session with the family and their loved one present.This is particularly helpful in situations where all communication has broken down, or where there is deep resentment or denial present. The Counsellor will conduct the session to ensure that both parties are able to have their say in a constructive and helpful way. They will also assist in helping to find an agreeable solution that is tangible for both parties and conducive in the healing and moving forward process.

The family after treatment, can feel very fearful around doing and saying the right thing for the good of their loved one’s recovery. They may find themselves treading on eggshells, fearful that if they upset or challenge their loved one they will relapse. Ultimately the alcoholic/addict is responsible for their own recovery and this is something that we will teach them whilst they are in treatment with us. We show them how to respond as oppose to react. It is not considered helpful  to wrap them in cotton wool on their return back home; they will need to start making their own decisions as to what is best for them in their on-going recovery. Recovery is very much a process of learning and change and this takes time. Each individual has to find his or her own path and be allowed to make mistakes and learn from them without resorting to a drink or drug. We will equip your loved one with the tools that they need to face day to day life sober and clean. It may be, that in the early days, all they can do is focus on recovery. We encourage this process, it is important that they do not take on more than they can manage. Once they have built a strong support network locally and learned to practice the basic principles of recovery that ,we have shown them, they will be in a better position to reach their true potential and become the person that they were meant to be before addiction took over their lives.

How we can help

We will guide the family in getting the correct support and help they need in order to heal themselves. We keep communication open with our patients family and provide a supportive and transparent service. Where necessary, and it is considered to be in the best interests of the family and the patient, we can facilitate a family intervention. Whilst we have a strict policy that we adhere to around protecting our patient’s confidentiality, we are able to advise and educate families in a constructive way that benefits all that are involved.

One of the greatest rewards we witness as a direct result of the work that we do, is families being reunited and rebuilding their relationship on healthier terms. We will do all we can to support both the patient and the family in achieving this.

For further details and information on our family programme, please call and speak to a member of our clinical team.

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