At Oasis Recovery Communities, we believe that everyone in rehab deserves comfort and safety while in recovery.

Facilities at Oasis Runcorn

Beautifully decorated rooms
We offer a large therapeutic community of 22 bedrooms, and are able to accommodate 34 patients at any one time. Furnishings are comfortable and of a good standard and will provide everything you will need during your stay. We concentrate on community support and in keeping with that, some of our rooms accommodate same sex sharers who may be in need of more support from their peers during the early stages of treatment.
Ideally situated
Our clinic is large and spacious and situated in the town environment of Runcorn so that our clients are not fully detached from reality. Once detoxed, clients will be able to access town regularly and benefit from transitioning, with support, back into daily living and taking part in society. We also have the added benefit from being on the coast line, so our clients will thrive on the fresh sea air and surroundings.
Physical recovery
As part of our treatment, once clients have finished their medical detox (if required), we encourage them to utilise a local gymnasium and swimming pool as part of their mind and body rehabilitation. They are also able to go for walks into town and to the coast once we deem them ready. Whilst in primary care treatment they will be accompanied at all times to ensure their safety.
Therapeutic community and duties
We aim to provide a bridge to normal living for our clients and encourage them take part in the therapeutic community and duties; thus assisting them to care for themselves and to be considerate of others. Clients are encouraged to keep their own personal spaces clean and tidy and assist in keeping the communal areas the same. They are encouraged to support each other throughout the treatment process and disengage from isolation and antisocial practices.
Outside space
Oasis Recovery Communities Runcorn provides an outside space for fresh air and contemplation. Patients will have access to the outdoor space for regular refreshment breaks, enabling them to clear their heads, connect with nature, and have time to reflect.
Variety of treatment rooms
We offer an integrated substance detox and addiction rehabilitation facility. Inside are purpose built one-to-one counselling rooms, group rooms, and treatment rooms, enabling us to facilitate our comprehensive treatment programmes within suitable surroundings.
Facility checklist
  • Open 24 hours
  • Immediate admission
  • Luxury surroundings
  • We arrange everything
  • 1 year’s free aftercare
  • Experienced Staff
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Call Now 0203 131 5938

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