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At Oasis Recovery Communities Runcorn we wholeheartedly believe in the transformative powers of 12 Step therapy. This powerful treatment methodology has been proven over the years to treat all kinds of addiction and also assists the individual in finding a new way of living that is both purposeful and fulfilling.

Our qualified Counsellors and therapists are proficient in delivering 12 Step; in fact, many of them are a testimony to its healing capabilities; having undergone a complete transformation themselves using this process.

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The History of 12 Step

Over the years 12 Step has been adapted to successfully treat a vast number of addictions and is based on the individual remaining abstinent. Other successful and growing fellowships include narcotics, gambling, co-dependency, sex, debt and compulsive spending, love addiction and eating disorders.

12 Step Recovery can be accessed anywhere, no matter what your addiction, there is a solution. Around the clock, support is available from other addicts and alcoholics in recovery, via face-to-face meetings and, in recent years, over the Internet and telephone meetings.

We provide our clients with the foundations of 12 Step and an understanding of how it works. They will have the opportunity to practice its principles within our safe and supportive therapeutic community. Those that elect to follow 12 Step as the foundation of their recovery, will be given written assignments and attend meetings locally.

12 Step offers a large fellowship of supportive individuals who are in recovery. By continuing to access meetings, each person can build a new network of like-minded recovery friends. In our commitment to each individual’s on-going growth and recovery, Oasis Recovery Communities Runcorn also offers 1-year free aftercare to all those that complete treatment.

How 12 Step Works

12 Step works by treating the mind and the spirit of the alcoholic/addict. The process of the steps brings about a sufficient change in thinking and perception to enable them to make a full and permanent recovery from addiction. Working on the basic principles of open-mindedness, willingness, and honesty; the individual is encouraged to seek a power outside of themselves that will lead them to a better and more spiritual way of life.

Individuals are encouraged to work on their defects of character and use their assets and their past to positively assist others in getting well. 12 Step offers the individual the opportunity to be rigorously honest with themselves and with others, and to try and right the wrongs of their past mistakes to the best of their ability.

12 Step assists the individual in looking inwards rather than outwards at others and shifts their focus to connecting with their true authentic self and inner conscience. The beautiful and humbling process of the steps allows the individual to find peace within and the world around them and removes the desire to use drink and drugs as a way of self-medicating and self-harm.

The Benefits

Our 12 Step therapy programme offers the following benefits:

  • You will be with like-minded individuals on the same journey and be of support to each other, developing a positive network of recovery friends
  • In addition to undergoing 12 Step, you will also benefit from a medical detox (if required) and additional therapies for a complete rehabilitation experience
  • You will be in the safe hands of our trained and qualified team of staff, including Counsellors, therapists and recovery workers
  • You will undergo your treatment within the safe and healing, therapeutic community where support will be available around the clock
  • You will learn the foundations of your recovery; the longer you stay, the more Steps you will be taken through, securing your future long-term recovery further.
  • You will find a new peace of mind and acceptance, you never thought possible

The 12 Steps is an abstinence-based programme from all mood and mind-altering drugs and destructive behaviours. It complements other proven addiction treatment therapies and is compatible with each individual’s religious and spiritual beliefs. 12 Step advocates complete anonymity amongst those who practise it

In addition to offering 12 Step therapy, our team are accomplished in delivering cognitive behavioural therapy, and dialectical behavioural therapy, as well as a host of other proven therapeutic treatments. By encompassing these powerful treatment methodologies into our rehabilitation programme, each individual benefits from a person-centred treatment plan focused on all aspects of their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual rehabilitation.

Flexibility and Choice at Oasis Runcorn

Whether a client elects to follow 12 Step or our Strengths programme, they will be given support and advice from our Counsellors on what is likely to work best for them. At any point, they can choose to swap programmes, with our team’s agreement, if they feel it is not going to work for them in the long run.

We believe that the individual needs to believe in the recovery programme they are undertaking in order for it to work to its full capacity; we, therefore, hold no opinion on what they decide to do as long as they believe it will work for them and we will wholeheartedly support them every step of the way.

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