About The Author
Celeste is an Alumni Coordinator for UKAT, offering support and guidance to clients as they navigate their recovery journey rehab. As an addict in recovery and the child of an alcoholic, Celeste uses the firsthand experience of addiction to create informational web pages and help guides for our websites, particularly surrounding the topic of addiction’s impact on family and loved ones. They hope that this content helps readers relate to unhealthy behaviours and encourage them through the first stages of their recovery journey. Celeste has also been featured across radio stations, including BBC Radio Essex.
Celeste has known addiction their whole life, growing up with an alcoholic father and bearing witness to his decline. After over twenty years of struggling with addiction, predominantly to alcohol and cocaine, they found recovery in 2021 and have been sober ever since. A passionate writer, Celeste produces the UKAT recovery podcast ‘Screaming on the Inside’, is the author of a recovery blog and is Editor of the Alumni Newsletter.

A member of, and media volunteer for, Nacoa (national association for the children of alcoholics), Celeste is a passionate advocate for those in recovery from addiction, and hopes that by writing and talking about the issues surrounding addiction and recovery, they can contribute to this important conversation.

Celeste also has an Accredited Level 3 Addiction Counselling Diploma .

“We may not always get what we want, but if we take it a day at a time and do the next right thing, we will always get what we need.” - Celeste