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Thomas Ashmore
30 Oct 2017
Thoroughly enjoyed my time at Oasis. I went into treatment originally to stay for four weeks. I got through this and decided I could do with another two weeks, purely for personal reasons. The counselors and staff at the centre are truly brilliant. I never had any issues at all and was dealt with in a considerate and professional manner. I was pleasantly surprised at the accommodation I received. The daily routine was a great change to my chaotic life and I soon appreciated the structure it afforded me. I cannot thank the staff, peers and all included enough for the help they gave to me treatment. I would highly recommend Oasis treatment centre to anyone with an open mind, who is willing to apply themselves fully to their recovery. You will not regret it.
30 Oct 2017
I am extremely pleased with the level of treatment offered and the support that was provided by staff and in particular my Counsellor. The treatment was varied and encompassed all aspects of addiction and recovery. Now leaving I feel stronger and more positive about my future and living a fulfilling and happy sober life.
Susie M
22 Oct 2017
I came in here and was an emotional nervous wreck. I feel after just 7 days here I am discovering who I really am and can't wait to show the world my new inner strength and confidence. Matt and Ian were amazing as were all of the support staff. I have nothing but positive feeback and thank you just doesn't seem enough! I now feel that I have the rest of my life ahead of me.
22 Oct 2017
I am so glad I came here, I leave feeling very optimistic and positive about my future. When I arrived I was overwhelmed and frightened but I was warmly welcomed by staff and peers and soon settled into the routine. I have learn't so much about myself and tools to use to keep myself sober. from all the staff and my peers. there have been challenges while i've been here, eg., my mother died and i had to put one of my dogs to sleep. So there were times when I just wanted to go home but I know I would have just picked up another drink so I stayed and I'm so glad I did. I know there will be more challenges ahead but feel that so long as I stayed focused I will be able to meet them without a drink in my hand.
John N
20 Oct 2017
I came to Oasis Runcorn as I had given up on life. My alcoholism had taken over and I couldn't even form a cohesive paragraph. After 4 weeks I was ready to face the world again and I am quite capable of writing pages and pages. The treatment has reopened areas of my brain that have been dormant during 20 years of addiction.
18 Oct 2017
I came to the facility in a poor state of health due to alcohol addition. I received the appropriate treatment and counselling and all issues were resolved. I was introduced to AA during therapy and will continue to attend on a regular basis. I leave the facility alcohol free.
Gareth W
17 Oct 2017
I would like to thank Matt and the other counsellors for all their help and care. I feel I have the correct tools to stay clean and sober "one day at a time". Much love to Oasis and everyone here
Scott T
15 Oct 2017
on entering i was really nervous but was made very welcome of staff and all the clients. i took the steps option and the counselling was fantastic. At sometimes brutal but it was things i did not want to hear but i needed to hear. there is tears and laughter.overall i walked in here a broken man and walking out a brand new person.
15 Oct 2017
I spent 12 days at Oasis Runcorn and it has been the most positive move I have made in my life. I had crippling anxiety and had been drinking heavily for 20 years, with tolerance rising I ended up drinking 3 bottles of wine every night to pass out and escape my demons. I became dependant and my liver was becoming damaged. I tried giving up but within two days I'd seizure and ended up in hospital several times. I knew I was killing myself but felt powerless. The NHS wasn't a route that worked for me. To much shared information and the process wasn't for me. Oasis Runcorn has not only saved my life, 12 days in and no seizures or anxiety due to librium, process groups, counselling and activities but it has given me a new found confidence and a sense of myself back that I lost a long time ago. It works like a community here and gets you back to successful day to day living and functioning. Thank you to all the staff. I'd urge anyone reading this right now in the dark place I was to seek help. I feel worthy and excited for the future xxx
15 Oct 2017
The treatment at this centre is amazing the staff are exceptional and could not be any more helpful, friendly or supportive. my time here has been such a valuable experience and i am so grateful.
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