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22 Feb 2018
I have benefitted a lot this time in three months, i feel i have a good understanding of the 12 steps and its given me the boost i needed to go out and continue what i've started here. Also i've changed as a person, the programme has calmed me down and made me look at life differently.
Ex-Cannabis Smoker
22 Feb 2018
This was my first experience of rehabilitation in a treatment centre and it was a positive one. The staff are friendly, kind and caring and settled me in quickly and efficiently. The counsellors were helpful and I found great benefit from being around likeminded individuals in a safe environment. I learned a lot in my time here and using the tools and strategies I was given, I feel confident about my recovery going forward.
Terry O'Neill
20 Feb 2018
I'm so grateful to all staff and my fellow peers for bringing my confidence back and giving me the ability to to tackle life's problems
15 Feb 2018
I went into rehab and couldn't stop taking cocaine. with the help of staff and in particular my counsellor Matt i feel i am going home optomistic but very cautious.. this was the easy bit so they say.
Passion Fruit
15 Feb 2018
I would recommend the center to any person that his battling with addiction. Having had a go at the 12steps I have found the strength programme to be exactly what I needed for my recovery.
15 Feb 2018
I have successfully completed treatment to my full potential, can't ask for anything more than that, can't wait to start on the next part of my journey in life, It works if you work it, Its Worth It!!
11 Feb 2018
Found my time at Oasis Runcorn very valuable and rewarding. Definately gave to the tools to manage life outside of the community. Looking forward to continuing my new found risks outside.
Rich Walker
02 Feb 2018
I found the clients were all friendly and not made me feel alone. They have helped us to get out of myself and listened to any issues I had. I formed a lot of friendships.
01 Feb 2018
when i first presented to the unit, my mind and body were i a pitiful state, due to my excessive alcohol consumption. i was treated with patience, compassion and respect during the admission process and in a non judgmental fashion. after my initial medical interventions, i felt able to participate in group therapies and integrate with the community which was invaluable. staff are approachable,and experienced when dealing with fragile people. thank you all,staff and peers alike
Andy Smith
01 Feb 2018
This has been an amazing experience for me. I came into treatment feeling broken and hopeless, and I'm leaving after six months with a solid period of sobriety and hope for the future. The treatment at Oasis Runcorn is second to none.
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