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09 Apr 2019
100% great staff, my peers all had a great attitude in general
07 Apr 2019
I found the staff to be knowledgeable and coming from a place of personal experience they are able to empathise which I found really beneficial. Groups were interesting and varied. It's worthwhile, do all the stuff they tell you, listen, spend time with peers and don't sweat the small stuff.
06 Apr 2019
It's been an eye opener, but I am so glad that I did it and I wish I had done it sooner. I didn't think I'd ever get to this day when I felt confident and well. This has basically saved my life.
Evie Sarah Thompson
02 Apr 2019
Thank you to all of the staff and peers for helping me throughout my treatment. The process has been the most difficult but life changing journey of my life and I couldn't have got through it without the support I have received.
31 Mar 2019
An excellent service. Both the staff and the service users were very welcoming and helped me gain a better understanding of the condition and how to manage it more effectively. I received all the help I needed.
28 Mar 2019
I'm glad i came, my time here has really helped with the issues that were making my life a misery, I've learnt so much and intend to put it into practice when i leave here
25 Mar 2019
Oasis has saved my life and given me hope and guidance and the treatment here has been amazing and the support that you gave my family as well will never be forgotten. I am very grateful and happy. You have given me the tools to start my clean, sober life. And also I know that I can contact you here after I leave if I need support.
Vicky Jane
24 Mar 2019
Enjoyed it over all, great group of people, tasty healthy food and group therapy very educational and brought the best out of me. I feel empowered, strong and positive.
Ryan Derby
21 Mar 2019
I booked into detox, from day 1, I was encouraged to engage in all groups and activities, although hesitant, I am so pleased I did and have managed not miss any.
19 Mar 2019
I have been greatly helped by my time at Oasis Runcorn. The staff have been fantastically supportive and understanding, and I have gained a lot from time in therapy with peers. I feel that I have been set of a path towards recovery, and would recommend this centre to anyone with addiction problems.
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