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02 Apr 2017
Everyone here has been very supportive. Excellent care, the place to get clean!
29 Mar 2017
My short time here has been wonderful and I have achieved much more than I expected. I am looking forward to the rest of my life.
29 Mar 2017
Thank you all so much!
28 Mar 2017
Oasis is a wonderful place if you have issues with alcohol like I did. Fantastic friendly atmosphere, very professional staff and excellent counselling; they really care.
27 Mar 2017
Thank you for kick-starting my recovery, a scary eye opening experience.
Sarah P
23 Mar 2017
Excellent staff who know how to extract every defect out of you and begin to show you how to change these into positives! It is a very tiring emotional and psychological journey - one which began with despair and ended in a feeling of excitement and positivity for future prospects. I'm full of fear, trepidation and excitement on leaving but I'm more positive than ever!
23 Mar 2017
Very good overall treatment, my peers were also very helpful. All in all a positive experience
23 Mar 2017
Came for detox and rehab and that's exactly what I got!
Irene G
17 Mar 2017
I was treated with respect and feel my treatment was successful
16 Mar 2017
I enjoyed the workshops on self-esteem, anger management and confidence building. I'm sure others would benefit from these if they were more regular, I enjoyed the mixture of intensive peer counselling and 'fun stuff' like skittles. The staff are professional and approachable and were definitely helpful in my recovery. Given the amount of food on offer I think it would be better if more activity could be incorporated into the week - eg. dance, swimming, walking!
Dear Rachel Thank you for your feedback and we appreciate the 5 star rating. It is important to have  a balance in treatment that meets the needs of all clients and provides individual choice. Treatment can be intense and down time is important as are physical activities. At Runcorn there is a structured mix between treatment, downtime and physical activity and clients are able to decide how much physical activity they want on a daily basis. Clients can go for walks on a daily basis and can go to the gym or swim on a regular basis. Therapeutic dance is only available once a week as this is taken by a specialist instructor however we will review the timetable to see if another session could be accommodated elsewhere. We wish you all the very best for the future and keep in touch. Best wishes Oasis Runcorn
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