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Gareth W
17 Oct 2017
I would like to thank Matt and the other counsellors for all their help and care. I feel I have the correct tools to stay clean and sober "one day at a time". Much love to Oasis and everyone here
Scott T
15 Oct 2017
on entering i was really nervous but was made very welcome of staff and all the clients. i took the steps option and the counselling was fantastic. At sometimes brutal but it was things i did not want to hear but i needed to hear. there is tears and laughter.overall i walked in here a broken man and walking out a brand new person.
15 Oct 2017
I spent 12 days at Oasis Runcorn and it has been the most positive move I have made in my life. I had crippling anxiety and had been drinking heavily for 20 years, with tolerance rising I ended up drinking 3 bottles of wine every night to pass out and escape my demons. I became dependant and my liver was becoming damaged. I tried giving up but within two days I'd seizure and ended up in hospital several times. I knew I was killing myself but felt powerless. The NHS wasn't a route that worked for me. To much shared information and the process wasn't for me. Oasis Runcorn has not only saved my life, 12 days in and no seizures or anxiety due to librium, process groups, counselling and activities but it has given me a new found confidence and a sense of myself back that I lost a long time ago. It works like a community here and gets you back to successful day to day living and functioning. Thank you to all the staff. I'd urge anyone reading this right now in the dark place I was to seek help. I feel worthy and excited for the future xxx
15 Oct 2017
The treatment at this centre is amazing the staff are exceptional and could not be any more helpful, friendly or supportive. my time here has been such a valuable experience and i am so grateful.
Andy S
11 Oct 2017
I have had a great experience at oasis, have been treated well and actually enjoyed my stay here. was very reluctant to go into treatment but would recommend treatment with oasis.
11 Oct 2017
I came into Oasis Runcorn terrified and scared I didn't know what to expect but I could no longer carry on existing as I was I couldn't stop drinking. The staff were amazing and made me feel safe and welcome as soon as I arrived, they were very caring and helped me settle in. This has been the hardest thing I have done but with the help and support from all the staff members and counsellors here at Oasis I can go home and look forward to the life I want to live I have learnt so much about this illness I no longer have to just exist I can go out there and live life on life's terms I thank all the people involved on this the start of my journey to recovery.
10 Oct 2017
I came to Oasis feeling low and not knowing where else to turn. The treatment that I have received here over the last 3 months has been second to none. The counsellors are extremely skilled and experienced. I feel I have had a life changing experience. I am so grateful. Thank you.
Karl Brown-Moore
07 Oct 2017
I am now 6 months sober after 30 years of not being able to stop. This is all thanks to the staff at Runcorn. I start my Peer Mentor training next week, I am a volunteer for two addiction services in Leicester and am in the process of setting up my own business. Thank you so much guys, keep up the great work, you truly do make a difference!
06 Oct 2017
I came to Runcorn feeling hopeless. I couldn't understand why i couldn't stop drinking and stay stopped and i felt as though id exhausted every avenue. I chose the 12 steps model of recovery. My Councillor Terry has been absolutely fantastic and i feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to have learnt from him. All of the staff have been very supportive. I am leaving here with an understanding of my illness and a program of recovery that i believe will work for me if i work it. Most of all i am leaving here full of hope for the future. I am a very grateful client. Thank you.
06 Oct 2017
I have had the biggest life changing experience whilst being at Oasis Runcorn. The counselling and support i received whilst in treatment was exceptional. If you are serious about wanting to change your life and stop doing what ever your vice is. then i highly recommend the service offered by Oasis Runcorn. I personally was on the 12 step programme and after 5 months in treatment i have learned so much about myself and why i have done the things i have done. but most of all i have been shown how to live a life clean of drugs and alcohol after using for 30 years. the 12 step programme gives you more than just freedom from addiction. it really is amazing. Overall this is an exceptional treatment centre.
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