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19 Mar 2018
My treatment was gruelling at times but i fully appreciate every single part of the process. i found the entire experience to be beneficial to me including the therapeutic duties even though at first i questioned the point of them at first! i am leaving quietly confident and with only happy feelings towards all staff and my peers including those i have found challenging.
Lee M
19 Mar 2018
Well experienced staff and helpful that many have first hand experience of recovery. A good community and support whenever required 24/7. Oasis made my recovery a lot less painful than I anticipated and I would recommend to anyone wanting to rid themselves of active addiction.
16 Mar 2018
Oasis Runcorn has been an amazing experience, i thought i was at my complete and utter rock bottom, completely lost and stuck in a vicious cycle. I took an overdose and was hospitalized but my alcohol consumption increased to daily drinking being deceitful and hurting my family. i found oasis and it has changed my out look on life i now understand i have an illness, i no what medicine i need now. having peer support and advice has been great for me to honest knowing i wont b judged as we are all here to help each other. thank u oasis staff and peers xx
John K
15 Mar 2018
I thought nothing could fix me and was contemplating suicide, my wife and daughter brought me in and I was a total mess. Oasis have given me the tools to understand my addiction and follow my path to recovery. I could not be more grateful, I have been given my life back.
15 Mar 2018
Over all very satisfied with oasis Runcorn, my experience has been life changing and all the staff are very helpful and accommodating. I would recommend to all friends and family with out a doubt.
12 Mar 2018
I came here a broken woman. The detox was tough and I felt up to the 2nd week still very poorly. My peers, counsellors and support workers kept supporting and encouraging me when i had little belief in myself. I felt safe here to process all the emotional baggage I have now left behind. I am very grateful for Oasis and its staff for helping me turn a corner and help me believe I deserved recovery and that I could do it.
12 Mar 2018
Thank you, I have my life back, thanks to all the staff and my peers that helped me through my treatment.
11 Mar 2018
Oasis is very good I would recommend to come here
08 Mar 2018
Having recently successfully completed a months rehabilitation programme at Oasis Runcorn I would be happy to recommend their services. Altogether I feel that the treatment that I received was of a high standard which enabled me to meet my goals. The accommodation, although basic is comfortable and the surroundings are safe. The programme has enabled me to meet with others in a similar situation allowing us to share and learn from each others experiences. This has been one of the most positive aspects of my treatment. The staff are approachable and friendly and available to offer support 24 hours a day. The programme is varied and offers both practical and theoretical strategies helping the individual understand not only why they drink/use but how to overcome their addiction in preparation for future life. I have enjoyed my experience here at Runcorn and feel it has set the foundation for a full recovery.
Manchester City
08 Mar 2018
This is the most life saving thing I have ever done. An experience which I will never forget.
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