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Corrin B
18 Sep 2018
The treatment i received has been brilliant, the staff are excellant and the programme is really good. I feel hopeful that I can go home and staty drug free after my time here.
Craig B
16 Sep 2018
I found it helped me a lot and would happly recomend it.
Rastaman Vibration (Jingo K)
10 Sep 2018
I am grateful for the choice I took in coming into rehabilitation for I have been given a foundation on which I can rebuild my future with the tools and choices I did not possess before coming into treatment. It has been a very revealing journey in my life. With this education I now know about addiction and alcoholism as a disease. I previously from where I come from the society hates the sinner but not the sin. Hence there is no structured atmosphere in which to treat and rehabilitate people who are in addiction and still suffering and dying. For it is my hope and prayer that what I have been exposed to here in England go forth in helping me in my recovery and rebuilding of my spirituality. Through my shining and new found livity and sobriety this will not only help me but will affect the lives of other people I come into contact with. I give thanks and praises to the most high and to the works of the people involved in this process. One perfect RASTA love.
10 Sep 2018
When i came in i was wrecked, the staff scooped me off the floor and put me back together. At first i was a pain in the arse, i was very stubborn, but i came round and put the work in and it's paying off. Anxious about the future, naturally, but looking forward to it. Thankyou!!
08 Sep 2018
I feel really good and enjoyed being here, i'm a little worried about leaving and going back in to the outside world, but i know what i need to do and think positively not negatively. I've achieved my goals over the month i have been here and hope to keep it this way.
06 Sep 2018
I came into Oasis Runcorn for 4 weeks and have achieved my goal. I feel I have been supported and understood. I have also had the opportunity to share in with therapists and peers which has been beneficial to me.
Joe R
06 Sep 2018
The first week was very hard, i didn't want to be here.But it seemed to get easier and i'm so glad iv'e completed treatment, the future looks bright and i know its up to me from here.
Alastair L
05 Sep 2018
I learnt alot about how my cross addiction always starts before i pick up drink or drug, which i never really have seen before. i got a lot of stuff out in my life story which i held on too, which took a big load off me, and the councillors and support staff helped me alot.
Matt B
30 Aug 2018
i've only stayed for 2 weeks of treatment at Oasis but i was treated very well from the moment i arrived. all the staff, Therapists' support staff and chefs have a huge work load but managed and helped me on my recovery road. thank you
Craig R
27 Aug 2018
Oasis Runcorn helped me achieve my goal to detox and get a bit of clean time and also reintroduce me to the 12 step fellowships. I recieved a warm welcome from both staff and peeers and was supported throughout my treatment. The standard of the flat i stayed in was not up to the standards I expected for the amount of money charged but the treatment I recieved was value for money. I have to thank the cebtre for gettinjg me back on track and maybe even saving my life.
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