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08 Dec 2018
I just want to say this is the best rehab I have ever been to (this is my third time) and I have learned so much about myself while I've been here. Looking at things from a different perspective, feel calmer and more confident about my recovery in the future.
07 Dec 2018
I have struggled with alcoholism for a number of years now but I never thought or referred to my self as an alcoholic! But after nearly ruining my families and my own life I knew I had to do something? The 1st admitting to myself and my family I am an alcoholic. I now have hope in my future and recovery thanks to staff and piers at Oasis Runcorn.
06 Dec 2018
I have enjoyed my stay. I was very apprehensive before coming as it was my first time in rehab and the first day was extremely difficult but after that I fitted in well with staff and peers and it has been the best thing I have ever done for my addiction. I had been putting off coming into rehab for 2 years as I didn't think I was that ill, I only wish I had come here back then.
05 Dec 2018
The staff and my peers helped my recovery enormously, being able to share in groups and receive positive feedback from and counsellor, I benefited from the experience of staff, who have been through addiction and now carry a positive message of recovery to there clients, which in turn helped me to understand my own addiction more.
03 Dec 2018
Coming here my life was completely out of control and I didn't really see a way out. I was made to feel welcome from my first day by both staff and my peers. Leaving here after a detox and rehab I feel like life is again in front of me, the work never actually stops to stay clean and sober but for sure it has started in this place, without exageration I would say this has saved my life and I am greatful for it. It's up to me now.
02 Dec 2018
I was very nervous and anxious about coming into treatment but I have found the whole process was quite easy for myself.Both members of staff and peers made me feel very welcome from the very start. I chose to follow the steps model of treatment and this has been exactly the right one for me. The treatment has been excellent and I feel very confident about leaving and my future.
30 Nov 2018
The staff have been very helpful and my counsellor Matt was amazing. Oasis Runcorn Strengths Programme saved my life. The groups are intense but needed - Thanks so much
27 Nov 2018
I feel I received a whole range of knowledge about my addiction to alcohol including reading AA book, process groups, written work, groups, workshops, gong therapy, yoga,and DBT. I found all the treatments very useful for my recovery. Also I attended AA and NA groups which has given me the confidence to attend them in my local area. The staff were all very supportive and kind to me during my stay at Oasis Runcorn. I also found my Peers helped me a lot and we all got on really well.
26 Nov 2018
I thought it was very good and I learned a lot about addiction and I now have the tools to use which treatment has given me to lead a new way of life.
16 Nov 2018
Having spent the last 4 weeks under the Oasis umbrella, the treatment I have received has been thorough and well presented. The staff were always extremely professional in the presentation of the group meetings and would never leave someone hanging with uncertainty should they share a difficult experience. Should you be experiencing difficulties with your particular addiction, I recommend Oasis for an excellent facility in order to start addressing your problem and subsequent recovery.
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