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Ed R
03 Oct 2018
Overall I had a great experience at Runcorn. I did feel there were many inconsistencies and mis communications between managament, staff and the comminity. However, the treatment I received through the steps program, my councilor and support workers was great. Their help has been invaluble.
Hi Thank you for your feedback we will look into the communication issue I am pleased your experience was positive.
Gareth D
30 Sep 2018
I think the recovery side of it is brilliant. This is my second time in treatment I have done the strengths program and Matt my counsellor really helping me. I have learnt so much more. Vicky's groups on Anger Management really helped me
30 Sep 2018
Overall very happy. It did its purpose. I would recommend treatment to anyone seeking recovery from addiction.
28 Sep 2018
Excellent programme and benefited massively from the process groups. This is my third rehab and for the first time I am walking out with a clear mind and understanding of what I need to do to stay clean.
25 Sep 2018
I really appreciate the care and support received during my treatment. I have made friendships with my peers and way we supported each other has been invaluable. Enabling me to carry on with the rest of my life.
Holly J
24 Sep 2018
Coming in i was worse for wear to say the least, the staff was very helpful and supportive . The councillors have always been very helpful, I choose the 12 step method which i found very useful and plan to continue with this form of recovery. I found the meetings very helpful and will definitely move forward with it.
Corrin B
18 Sep 2018
The treatment i received has been brilliant, the staff are excellant and the programme is really good. I feel hopeful that I can go home and staty drug free after my time here.
Craig B
16 Sep 2018
I found it helped me a lot and would happly recomend it.
Rastaman Vibration (Jingo K)
10 Sep 2018
I am grateful for the choice I took in coming into rehabilitation for I have been given a foundation on which I can rebuild my future with the tools and choices I did not possess before coming into treatment. It has been a very revealing journey in my life. With this education I now know about addiction and alcoholism as a disease. I previously from where I come from the society hates the sinner but not the sin. Hence there is no structured atmosphere in which to treat and rehabilitate people who are in addiction and still suffering and dying. For it is my hope and prayer that what I have been exposed to here in England go forth in helping me in my recovery and rebuilding of my spirituality. Through my shining and new found livity and sobriety this will not only help me but will affect the lives of other people I come into contact with. I give thanks and praises to the most high and to the works of the people involved in this process. One perfect RASTA love.
10 Sep 2018
When i came in i was wrecked, the staff scooped me off the floor and put me back together. At first i was a pain in the arse, i was very stubborn, but i came round and put the work in and it's paying off. Anxious about the future, naturally, but looking forward to it. Thankyou!!
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